Beauty and the Barbells

I connected with bikini competitor Angela McKie-Burrowes via Facebook. Angela and I go way back from our teen years through a mutual friend. She always enjoyed staying active teaching Belly Dance. A while back, Angela pursued her certification in personal training and began weight training. As she prepares to enter a bikini competition in March, … More Beauty and the Barbells

There’s no Place like home- A beginner’s Guide to Creating a Workout Space

Do you want to get into better shape, but can’t afford a gym membership? Then it may be time to consider building a gym to workout in the comfort of your home. You don’t have to break the bank or buy an elaborate Bowflex type of apparatus. Getting and staying into shape doesn’t have to … More There’s no Place like home- A beginner’s Guide to Creating a Workout Space

Workouts Lately and the Kindness of Strangers

My workouts and energy-fueling eating plan have been going great. Going to the gym is becoming easier and easier, as I feel excited to meet new challenges.  Food prepping is consistent to ensure I’m getting enough protein, fats and carbohydrates to train effectively. My schedule looks like this: Monday: Upper body strength + pull up … More Workouts Lately and the Kindness of Strangers

Boulder Shoulders

A couple of months ago LeBron James was front and centre in the news. His announcement that he is returning to Cleveland had residents cheering and celebrating in the streets. Andy is a huge basketball fan, and of course he was watching all the coverage on the sport networks. He especially followed The Heat, being … More Boulder Shoulders

Facing my Goliath

I was feeling frustrated with my stalled pull-up progress. Many people I spoke with at my gym (well the three ladies who can do unassisted pull-ups) all said it took them about a year or less to do unassisted pull-ups with consistent training. That was my first mistake. Comparing my progress to others. What is … More Facing my Goliath

More than a Beachbody

When I started blogging my initial concerns were stats and followers. That has changed a lot. What I enjoy most about blogging is the sense of community, support and meeting new people. I met Jessica through her blog Her positivity and enthusiasm to reach out to others is so sincere. Her energy is contagious, … More More than a Beachbody