Need a Quickie?

Get your minds out of the gutter. When I say quickie, I am implying a fast, effective workout when you are crunched for time. Let’s face it. Who isn’t crunched for time in one way or the other? This week has been very busy for me. After the work day, I have been rushing to my … More Need a Quickie?

Get Hourglassed!

I love Instagram for all the fitness accounts that inspire. I began to follow the account @livewithanita and became curious about the workouts posted on Anita’s account. A former figure/bikini competitor, Anita instructs an exercise program called The Hourglass Workout. The participants of this workout looked like they were having a lot of fun from … More Get Hourglassed!

Do it for the Wow!

I am going to Belize on July first! I am not a huge exclamation point person, so I must be very excited! (There’s another one.) My auntie (mom’s sister) is there, along with all my cousins. Not only looking forward to sand, sea and lobster, but also some family time. My cousin just tied the … More Do it for the Wow!

Weight of the World

Happy Easter! I am enjoying a four-day weekend, with a lot of prayer, Biblical reflection and delicious home-cooked and traditional foods. A little vino will also be on the agenda. I wanted to pop in to talk about the various forms of resistance when training. Most people feel the need to change things up in … More Weight of the World

Nothing to Wear

Last week someone asked me what I thought of the scantily-clad women on Instagram exposing their bodies in the name of fitness. I love IG and all the amazing accounts I follow, fitness and otherwise. I am a visual person and appreciate the efforts people put into sharing their photos. I have connected with some … More Nothing to Wear