Getting out of a Fitness Rut

Thinking of shelving your gym trainers for a bit? It doesn’t have to be a bad thing.


I think almost anyone who has been  consistent with a fitness routine can find themself in a bit of a rut after time. I am not talking about those who start a fitness program and go in full force, with little to no rest. This will eventually lead to burn out sooner rather than later. I am thinking of the person who has been exercising  regularly over a long period of time and lose passion or interest in an activity they once loved.

Last year I had a similar situation. I know I did not want to stop working out, but I definitely feel that I had reached a plateau in my goals, and it felt as though I had regressed. I thought about what the next steps could be. For me the answer was to hire a personal trainer to help. There are also other solutions to help get you out of a rut, and ready to strut once again.

  • Try a new form of exercise. If you are losing your lifting, running, boxing or whatever type of exercise you do mojo, why not take a break and sample other activities? Check out your local community centre. A belly dancing class, rock-climbing, Yoga in the park or water aerobics may be just the change you need for awhile to get your mojo back. If you have a gym membership, try a class you have never participated in before. Bootcamp type classes are perfect for changing up routines.

Bootcamp introduced me to weighted battle ropes. Something I had never tried before:

  • image


  •  As I did, hire a professional. A personal trainer helped to get me out of a rut by designing new programs that kept me challenged and continued to engage my interest. A trainer can also help to get you past that plateau by tweaking your diet, sets and repetions in workouts. Results will keep you wanting more. Someone to express your doubts and concerns with regarding your progress  is always helpful too.


  • Get in touch with nature during the warm months ahead. Give the gym a pass sometimes and find a local hiking trail or green space. Feel the sun on your face, and take in the scenery of longer, brighter days.


  • Research programs on fitness sites to change things up in your routine. has a lot of programs from HIIT type workouts to a plethora of strength workouts.


  • Hang up your trainers and take a break from fitness all together. I wouldn’t suggest taking a break for too long because the body does need activity to stay healthy and fit. However, try pursuing another passion for a bit. Always wanted to write, paint or play an instrument? Use the time you would normally use in the gym to connect with a creative pursuit. I always find when I take a vacation from working out for a few weeks, I return to my routine invigorated, stronger and ready to get back. A rut could just be the body’s way of telling you that a break is necessary.

It is perfectly normal to get in a rut from time to time, but don’t get discouraged. Continue to eat healthy, assess your goals and how to achieve them.

Get out of your rut, and get back that strut!



10 thoughts on “Getting out of a Fitness Rut

  1. Funny enough, I’m starting over and trying to clean up my diet and workout 5 days a week. I’ve looked into pilates, cycling and boxing. They gym group class schedules just don’t fit into mine. They are in the mid day. Hello, people want to work out b4 work. Can you guys have a video tape option. Good job on hiring a trainer. Great tips

    1. Thanks Vonnie! Congrats for starting over with your goals. You always look amazing to me. I love Pilates. Such a tough workout. I think gym classes should definitely be offered early morning and after work in the evenings. Most people can’t workout midday because of work schedules.

  2. Warm weather definitely means more outdoor activities for me. I look forward to hiking and backpacking trips in the late spring/early summer.
    Good for you for hiring a professional. I think that shows how invested you are in yourself. Kudos!
    And a belly dancing class sounds like an excellent idea. That’s a skill I’d like to learn 😀

    1. Warm weather always makes me want to get outside. I’d rather take my workout to a park or waterfront. NYC and state has wonderful places to hike. I’m so glad I decided to hire a trainer. It was worth it.
      There used to be a belly dancing class at my gym, but they removed it from the group classes unfortunately.

  3. Thank you for this post – I needed to hear this! I’ve been noticing how my mood, energy levels and just general feeling of wellness have declined as I’ve been neglecting exercise. Time to get back out there! 🙂

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