Just a Thot…….

So Andy Cohen, as if I didn’t have enough rich ladies with six inch Louie Vuitton’s and a lot of time on their hands to watch on Bravo TV, you go and introduce me to The Real Housewives of Potomac. I am still undecided if I like these ladies or not. I haven’t given it much thot. (do you see where this post is going??)

I wasn’t even sure where Potomac is. I thot (sorry, just go with it) it was a suburb of D.C. I was mistaken. You are right, Gizelle. It is a nice, little secret. This affluent little gem of a community is not even in Virginia but is located in Maryland.


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There are the usual six ladies that are the main features in the show.

First is the young ball of energy Ashley. This former beauty queen may like her brown liquor, but she married a much older white man. Ashley married money, but she and her husband seem happy and have a genuine affection for one another. They like to saunter around their home in lush robes, cocktails in hand.

Next we have Charisse. She is as much as a single mom, as her huscat works away from home as an NBA coach. Charisse says she loves the arrangement just as it is, but something tells me that she wants her man home more often than she would like to admit. So far I find her kind of dull.

Then there’s Karen.  She seems to be the matriarch of the group and the ladies look up to her. She also appears to have married into money.  I read somewhere that her kitchen is in desperate need of an update for being so well off, but I haven’t really noticed that yet.

Then there’s divorced Katie, the black Jew who wants nothing more than her rich boyfriend to put a ring on it.

And Gizelle, who I think is a dead ringer for Vanessa Williams with those big green eyes. Gizelle is also divorced and seems to have a fun-loving and very close relationship with her three daughters.

Last but not least, we have Robyn. Who is the ex-wife of a retired NBA player. I use the word “ex” very loosely. Robyn has a some kind of odd relationship with her ex-husband and they share the same house, and the same bed. I bet that’s not all they are sharing. Robyn insists they live as normal as possible for their boys, but I think they still carry feelings for each other. We shall see. The season is young.

I found the first few episodes intriguing, but I am still not sure how I feel about the show. I found the way they discuss race frequently very interesting. These ladies are black, yet most of them come from a mixed-race background. To me Robyn and Gizelle look bi-racial, however, these ladies consider themselves one-hundred percent African-American. Katie is also bi-racial, but she is very in touch with her white side and proud to be of mixed race.  Katie is also Jewish in faith. Upon meeting Ashley, Gizelle immediately (and very bluntly) asked her if she was bi-racial. This is not something I would feel comfortable asking someone about that I only just met.

Gizelle also threw an extra punch in there when she called Ashley a thot at a fundraising event that Ashley was hosting. I didn’t even know what a thot was so I had to look it up in the urban dictionary, although I have heard the term swimming around on the RHOA. Why would you say that about someone so loudly you just met? (Even if she did dry hump Robyn’s leg)  Ashley seems to be trying fiercely to fit in the posh social circles of ladies lunching of Potomac and while that behaviour certainly won’t help, I thot Gizelle was very rude toward her. Ashley couldn’t quite describe the cause of the event she was fundraising for, so I am sure that counts as points against her as well. All in all, she seems like a wild child who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, but she is trying to be on her best behaviour now to fit in. I’m sure she won’t be able to suppress that wild child for too long.

As well as the term thot, there were other words circulating around in Potomac. Words like pedigree, etiquette and legacy. As of right now, I am sitting on the gated community fence about this one, Andy Cohen.

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12 thoughts on “Just a Thot…….

      1. I wouldn’t even be able to point out Maryland on a map. It’s near New York right? But I’m talking to a Canadian, so how you would know?! I’ve only just found out exactly where Toronto is. I thought it was by the Great Lakes. My European geography’s much better 😉

      2. It’s a little more South. Maryland borders Virginia State. Just think of the White House and you’re close. Toronto is on Lake Ontario. Lots of lake effect snow. Brrrrr.
        I love geography. It was a subject I would always ace in school.
        Have a great weekend, Nat!

      3. I love geography too and aced it at school too! But we didn’t learn North American states and cities! We learnt about water systems, earthquakes, forests, weathe systems, types of land, rocks etc. I think that’s why I like National Geographic so much. I don’t think we even learnt about towns and cities of the UK in school. Just as long as we could label England, Wales and Scotland we were fine. Have a great rest of the week!

  1. “fromtrextotigress” I tried, I tried, I tried but I can’t. I sat through three episodes just waiting to see if Karen’s face moved? Initially I had some love for Charisse, she seemed real. K-mart with a hint of Bloomingdales then she morphed into this Boochi women who would never eat chips in person. Then we have delusional Katie who wants an instant (add water and stir) husband. She doesn’t realize she just a jump off. (SMH) No issues with Robyn. Gizelle is hott! (bet she carries hot sauce in her purse) and Ashley is raw and real. But not enough to keep me watching this tripe! How many time can you used Potomac in a sentence? Come on Jersey! Come on New Yoak! . Karen almost made me cut up my Jordans….. Looking forward to seeing some big hair in Dallas. Keep up the good work……

    1. Love your descriptions of these ladies! Fantastic! Especially Karen. It’s painful to watch her try to talk sometimes. And the way they draw out saying Potomac. It’s like Po-toe-mac. (Especially Karen)
      I don’t know. After tonight’s episode, I may just have to tune into the tripe next week to see the girls getaway. Thanks for reading, Cityfella!

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