December Goals

I am just sitting around waiting for the snow. I got that Christmas kinda vibe, but it’s been raining lately. I need a little snowfall to make that feeling complete. In my ideal world snow would come in early December, stick around for New Year’s Day and then it would be gone after that until next year.

Even Mr. Nutcracker is waiting for snow:




Okay, enough with my unrealistic fantasies and unto realistic December goals. I do believe Mr. Nutcracker has a cheeky personality of his own and helps himself to tortilla chips each night. Aha! Caught you red handed, Nutcracker! You didn’t think I would wake up to use the washroom at 2:00am.



Now let us get to the goals. Β I have a few events coming up and I try to keep things simple. Eat, drink a little and be merry, but make sure I can still button up my jeans. That’s it. I try not to get too complicated this time of year and not worry about making food the centre of the holidays. I used to fret over what to eat, how to eat and on and on at parties, but found this to be a killjoy really. I will just carry on with my eating plan from Fitpeel as usual, and enjoy the season of joy. I find if I remain active, everything else falls into place.

Joyful December Goals:

πŸŽ„ Continue to be active. Specifically increase my bench press weight by adding two more pounds to the bar. I really want to focus on this goal.

πŸŽ„ Drink more water. I am usually very good with drinking water, but found myself slacking last month. I find if I start with a warm glass of lemon water each day this keeps me on track with my water drinking. With segues into my next goal……

πŸŽ„ Start day with warm lemony water

πŸŽ„Detox the closets and donate items to Goodwill.


Any goals to share? I would love to read them.




24 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. my gym is having a water challenge this month. drink 2.5L a day. i downloaded and app to track. the gadget geek in me likes it makes a funny sound when you tap the glass to say you drank it. i’m easily amused! Good luck with the bench press. it’s one of my faves. we don’t do it that often but I love it. I need to do a closet detox too. what a great phrase!

    1. That app sounds neat and I’m sure helps to keep people on track with water consumption. It can be a challenge.
      I really want to like bench presses, but I cringe before doing them. Especially now that I have to get through 5 sets. My chest is looking a little more defined though.
      I always feel better after a good closet detox.

  2. HA! Im feeling all mixed emotions about the weather too. I hope its not too terrible this year. I would like to see some white stuff on my days off. Otherwise rain is just fine! Keep an eye on that nutcracker…he looks like a troublemaker! lol

  3. Drinking water is an issue for me when home. At work I guzzle all day. That is a great goal. My husband and I have done a lot of winter hiking in the past. I hope to carry on that tradition again this year. We kick off the “season” on Christmas morning.

    1. I find I’m the same way. My habits can shift slightly depending on my environment.
      Winter hiking sounds amazing. Do you see deer in your area? Enjoy your Christmas hike. What a great activity on Christmas Day.

      1. We do have a lot of deer around here (eastern PA) but they hide very well. The bests is when you are hiking and it starts to snow. It’s so magical!

  4. Detox the closets- that is my goal EVERY DAY OF EVERY MONTH! ha ha! I am constantly clearing things out, or trying to! I just did a haul, but all the clothes I want to get rid of are now in the car —- I NEED TO GET THEM TO GOOD WILL NOW. Clearly I don’t want them, I don’t miss or remember ANYTHING I put in the bags! LOL!

  5. Great goals Char! I am also trying to make sure I drink more water and simply be more grateful this month. With all of the craziness going on in the world God has kept us and thats something to truly be grateful for.

    1. Thanks very much, Ivanna. This comment and your beautiful goal just warmed my heart big time! You’re such a blessing in His great army and always help me to keep things in perspective. Thank-you πŸ’•

  6. I LOVE all of your December goals and agree with you 100% about the snow. I LOVE snow through December and then I can’t wait for it to go away!
    I need to remember to drink my warm lemon water too. It always makes me feel much better. My closets could certainly use a detox too!!!

  7. I started a decluttering challenge this month too but it’s going slower than I expected. Kinda hard to focus on new goals in December when I’m trying to play catch up with some old ones and worrying about being weeks behind in Christmas prep. Egads!

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