Priceless Gifts

I know my last post was about gift ideas, but there are many essential gifts that are priceless and far more valuable than things. Perhaps you have a loved one who is going through a difficult time or transition in their life. Job loss, illness, strained family relations, depression, the state of world in some countries in general can make the holidays not in the least festive for many.

There are many things you can offer that come without a price tag or gift receipt. Your listening ear, compassionate heart, words of comfort or advice and valuable time spent with someone who is struggling is of great value. We all have gifts to share with no budget required. Do you have the unique ability to make people see the positive, even when things look dismal? A musical talent or gifted singing voice that lights up a room? Can you make people laugh until their sides hurt?  Is your love for fitness infectious? Did Zumba, running, yoga, weight-training or rock-climbing change your life and you want to spread the endorphins that have helped you in so many ways? These are all God-given and special gifts that are meant to be shared to spread joy to the world!

Not all presents can be put in a gift bag or wrapped in sparkly paper and tied with a bow. I found this beautiful post on Native Angels Holistic Healing Centre that I would love to share with you. Gifts that are priceless.





May these priceless gifts be shared with you and yours this season.


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