Not Everyone Cares About Your Fitness Passion

We have our “fit fams” and “fitspo” on Instagram, clean eating and train hard groups on Facebook. Many will post their meal plans, favourite plank variations, TRX suspension moves and battle rope swag. The thing is, not everyone cares about these things outside of these forums. On specific internet and social media groups we can be as passionate as we want with one another, and most people are cheering us on, as they themselves post about gains and fitness growth. We are shielded by the security of those who share our passions in this world. However, this is not always translated well when we are in the real world and in other environments other than the gym.

I love fitness, but I am becoming very mindful of what I discuss with whom and where I discuss my fitness goals. Take my personal FB page for instance, I never post about anything fitness related on the odd time I do post. Because really, nobody cares that I squatted this amount or had chicken breast and beets for dinner.


About two years ago, I went to a friend of a friend’s Holiday party in a swanky condo party room. I was sitting with a group of about six people, a combo of both men and women. We were enjoying a few festive libations and taking about anything from The Raptors to the weather to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. A few minutes later, a woman walked into the party room,  removed her coat and joined our group. It was obvious she worked out hard (either that or she was blessed with super genetics). She was wearing the holiday party essential for many ladies, the little black dress, showing off developed lats and strong arms.

The host of this party asked this lady if she wanted a drink. “No, no thanks,” she said, shaking her head vehemently. “I’m not drinking alcohol.”

“Well, I can get you a water or juice or something. We don’t only have booze up in here. What do you take us for? A bunch of drunks. We’re not there yet,” the host laughed, in which others did too.

“Oh, that’s not what I meant. I’ll just have a Perrier if you have that,” this fit chick replied, blushing slightly.

About ten minutes later, this group of six became a party of two, both the fit chick and myself. The others had dispersed themselves like mice being let out of a scientific maze. Spreading to other areas of the room. Anywhere but near fit chick. From the time she arrived, she spun our light banter into a CrossFit convention. If it wasn’t about her PR’s, her snatches or her Paleo influenced diet, it was about her new Reebok Nanos. I noticed one by one, the excuses begin to surface from the other people, any excuse they could use to get out of this woman’s company, such as,

“I’m going to go say hi to Aylanna.”

“I’m just going to go top up my drink.”

“Is it already 11? I better go call my daughter.”

“I’m just gonna run to the ladies room.”

And on and on….

As for me? I stuck around for a bit until Andy pulled me away to say hi to his friend’s wife. I was really interested in learning more about CrossFit at the time, so I found her conversation intriguing. I asked a lot of questions, and she graciously answered. Okay, maybe she wasn’t being too gracious. She loved talking CrossFit so it was easy to pick her brain about the sport.  This lady (who I will call CrossFit Sarah) was intense in her passion of fitness and she could not help telling it to the world or anyone who would listen (me.) I am not just talking CrossFit, this could be anything from snow boarding to Yoga.  I simply use CrossFit because this is what the passion in question was that night.


In reality, not everyone is drinking the same Kool Aid. Passions are very unique, as well as very vast. I always try to remember that Kool Aid comes in many different flavours.


16 thoughts on “Not Everyone Cares About Your Fitness Passion

  1. Ahhhh yes. I usually don’t talk about my powerlifting and such unless others ask me about it OR if I’m in a group of my friends from the gym. Then it’s all we talk about. LOL But this is a good post, and I’ve been guilty in the past of “forcing” my stuff on other people. Live and learn.

    1. It can be difficult to decipher because as humans we love to talk about what ignites our passions. I guess it’s figuring out when we are becoming consumed (which I’m guilty of .) It is a learning and living game for sure.

  2. No! No! EVEERYONE cares about my fitness passion. Lol…This was a great post. I learned long ago to keep my fitness life and other life separate. It works out better that way. I think there’s only one close friend of mine who knows about my blog and she has never read a single post. I keep my fitness photos to myself too. That’s why it’s such a pleasure to have gym friends and internet friends to share that part of my life with.

    1. I guess there are still many people who might think of exercise as a pain or chore and don’t really enjoy it. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to find people to share this passion with. I also find the gym and online forums great ways to meet other fitness lovers. This is how I met you and I’m so thankful!

  3. No body wants to be around crossfit sara. Ive met tons of crossfit saras over the years, I learned long ago not to share unless someone asks. Awesome topic, love it!

    1. Thank-you! CrossFit Sarah was over the top. Lol! When she told me my wine had 700 calories or something like that, I was glad Andy pulled me away. That’s my philosophy. If you ask, I’ll share.

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