The Meanivator

Have you seen fitness coach John Burk’s rant about fat people yet? I have never heard of this guy until I saw HLN’s trending stories one day, and he happened to be one.

John Burk has very strong views about being overweight. He is done with the overweight population using excuses to explain their weight and fed up with the lack of action. So if you are saying, “my aunt Theresa on my dad’s side is big-boned and I take after her, so that’s why I’m this size,” John is not having it! He is also sick and tired of hearing such excuses and feels the overweight should be tired of feeling sick and tired.That’s another thing. Obesity only leads to disease. Heart disease, diabetes and joint pain just to name a few. The overweight population got this way from one simple problem. Laziness. The sloth-like behaviour of making poor food choices, and making your butt a permanent fixture on the couch is the problem. John is done with, “accept me as I am” and  “I love my body the way it is.” Nope. He won’t accept you as you are. You go to the drive thru and line the pockets of the fast food industry instead of home cooking fresh foods bought from the grocery store. You say you can’t afford healthy food, but you spend tons on processed foods and in restaurants.  What’s up with that? What is worse, you are passing down this terrible way of living to your children. He finds this disgusting and repulsive! You have a choice. You’re making the wrong ones.  You’re slowly setting yourself up for the grave.

What are my thoughts on Mr. Burk’s rant? Well, I agree with him on many points. It is proven that obesity is the cause of many illness. What you eat, and how often you move can prevent many of these ailments. I know I feel a lot better when I eat well and exercise regularly. I love his point that you don’t need a gym or fancy-schmancy equipment. All it takes is to get up. Go for walk, a jog, or anything that gets you moving. Dance in your living room. I like that. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, or running group fee. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get your exercise in.

Another point I agree with is passing down bad habits to your children. I know this to be true from experience. I worked in the industry of child and family services for many years in various environments. I was once working in an drop-in/parent resource centre. Adjoining this centre was a nursery school. Everyday at noon a very overweight lady would walk through my facility to get to the nursery school area. She would huff and puff on this two- minute walk. On the way out the door, her four-year old daughter would exclaim like clockwork, “Mommy, I’m so hungry! Can we go to____________? (insert fast food joint here.)  Every damn day! Sadly the mother would agree. This was a habit. This was now a lifestyle.

Where I question John Burk’s rant are his black and white views. “You’re fat, you’re lazy, and you just make excuses to be this way” is not always the case. I find words like disgusting and repulsive too harsh. We don’t know everyone’s history. From watching the show My 600 pound life, which documents the life and struggles of the morbidly obese after they undergo gastric bypass surgery, I have learned a lot. Many of the people sharing their stories have gone through some sort of trauma, be it a sudden loss of a loved one, physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of another and experience feelings of worthlessness. These individuals used food to comfort themselves. They gorged themselves silly to take the pain away if just for a while with instant gratification. They did not know any other way to fix their despair and went deeper into hopelessness. So, everyone’s case if unique. I think one must fix the inside before tackling the outside. Interestingly enough, many once overweight people agree with John and said his rant was just what they needed to hear. One guy said, “Yup, I was the guy with the Buddha belly in sweats all day on the couch, eating the whole bag of Cheetos with my XBOX. I was guy who made all kinds of excuses. John is absolutely right.”

Well, those are my views on this trending story. Below is a Youtube link to John’s rant. Just be fore-warned, he drops the F bomb a lot. I found it too much personally, but listened anyway. If this may offend you, you may choose to pass on watching.

If you did watch, what are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “The Meanivator

  1. Meanivator. I love that term.
    This guy sounds like they journalist lady, Katie Hopkins. True, some of what he’s saying is probably correct. Most people aren’t overweight because they are born that way. And making excuses for unhealthy behavior won’t help people in the long run. But we still want to be kind. Anyone who’s tried a diet and given up or tried a workout and given up know its not easy. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. And the bigger you are the harder it is to start an exercise program. Your body can be at the point where you just feel like you can’t do the activity required to lose weight.
    So somewhere between being mean and being coddling is a happy medium where you can inspire people to change so they can live their happiest, healthiest lives. That’s the place we should all speak from.

    1. Lol. Thanks. Is he mean? Is he a motivator? A little amalgamation happening.
      You put it perfectly! Exactly what I wanted to convey, but couldn’t find the words. He is too over the top and harsh. I agree with him 100% on the fast food industry but there should be a happy medium and kindness should always be a part of motivating. It is so hard to start a fitness program, and being obese and never exercising makes it all the more daunting and scary! It’s true about coddling too though. Giving into excuses won’t help either. Thanks for your wonderful comment!

  2. Woah. A lot of things he said are spot on and quite frankly, I think a lot of people need to hear it! BUT, I agree with you about the Black and White thing….it’s just not that simple and everyone is different. I’m glad you shared this video. It was eye opening!

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