The White T-Shirt Debate of 2015

This morning I was getting ready to go to my condo gym with Andy.  We were having a torrential downpour here, so I decided to workout nice and close. Andy put on his old off-white T-shirt (that should be white) and grey sweatpants. He always wears this tattered old outfit to workout in.

I said,

“You really should consider getting some new workout gear.”

“For what?” he replied.

“Look at that old T-shirt,” I laughed, tugging at the base of his shirt. “It’s awful. I keep washing it and it’s not even white anymore. Get a couple nice T-Shirts that have sweat guard. Adidas has some really nice ones on sale now at The Bay.”

“I’m not spending my hard-earned money on clothes just to sweat in,” he chupsed (this is when West Indians exhibit a teeth kissing sound to show they can’t be bothered with something.) “I’ll leave that up to you.”

“No.” I protested, filling up our water bottles. “Sweat guard is so good. It keeps you cool during tough, sweaty workouts. It absorbs the sweat.”

“Listen,” he said. “I now have to pay money so I don’t sweat doing something that is SUPPOSED to make me sweat? What di a$# is this?” (insert Trini accent here.)

Now Andy questions almost everything. Sometimes, I can’t argue. Most of the times I can. Take his shoes for instance. He has had the same Nike cross trainers for the past three years! I have been telling him about proper foot support, and he has been saying the same thing, “Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with my feet. My shoes are just fine. You have enough running shoes for both of us.” Again, he thinks the fitness industry is telling us this so we will buy more of their products. “Look at runners in those African countries. You know what they train in?” he argued. “What?” I asked. “Not a thing. They run barefoot. My shoes are fine.”

Everyday on my Instagram feed I see such gorgeous workout gear. From Yoga tops, to tights, to sports bras, to trainers, fitness models are promoting a brand and linking where to buy their tights, shoes or tanks with fancy slogans. Then I say, what a cute outfit! I believe that many of it is just marketing madness sure, but as I told Andy some things are essentials. A runner, a Crossfitter and many other athletics I have not mentioned require certain gear to keep them healthy and injury free, such as a quality pair of running shoes and trainers. Andy is just a normal guy who works out regularly, as I am just a normal woman who works out regularly. However, there are certain things I need. I once bought a cheap sports bra from the flea market. Within two washes (on gentle cycle and line drying I may add) the elastic had come loose and it was not keeping the gals snug and supported during HIIT class or boot camp. Now, I bought an expensive sports bra from Nike. I have had it for two years and it is still doing its job. That’s because I paid for quality gear.

Just look at my lovely new Adizeros. They are so light weight and cushion my soles beautifully. Perfect for HIIT class and the treadmill and I love the pink to compliment the black (not going to lie. I think they’re pretty.) Now, look at Andy’s dilapidated old cross trainers. A recipe for an injury from lack of foot support: IMG_1473I know I have the tendency to get carried away with workout gear, and am now trying to scale back, but I will not stop buying the gear I like that is quality and makes me feel good. I found that as I fell more in love with fitness, my desire to buy gear increased. I don’t get manicures, pedis, facials, nor am I heel or boot crazy, so let me have this wee indulgence from time to time.

“Hey Andy,” I said, “coming out of the bedroom in a new pair of trainers. “Look at these. Aren’t they nice?” I tap the shoes from toe to heel. “They’re just running shoes,” he responded. “It doesn’t matter if you’re head to toe in Nike, Adidas or Lalalemone or whatever that store is, if you’re not working hard, you won’t get results. You can get in just as great shape in an old T-shirt and sweatpants if you work for it. That’s my bottom line.” To which I received a fist bump. Can’t argue here Andy. “But at least I look better sweating than you.”


3 thoughts on “The White T-Shirt Debate of 2015

  1. 😉 Erm, both of you are right. Gotta look good, but if you’re not working hard, then no results!

    I’ll admit, I spend more on sports bras, leggings, running shorts and trainers (though this month I’m trying out training plain old Converse Chuck Taylors. On days I just run and train clients, I train them in my Converses rather than take 2 paris of trainers and they’re so comfy. I’ve done some research and they’re okay to workout in. Wow. I’ve got a post there). Running tops and training tops, I use cotton polyester tanks tops from general clothes shops. I’ve learnt it doesn’t matter how much I spend on a workout top, I get through them fast!

    1. Yay! Glad you’re the voice of reason, Nat. That would make for an interesting post about the converse. I’ve seen a lot of people at my gym wearing converse, but they are mostly doing machines and free weights. No high intensity cardio. I don’t know how much this sweat guard works, but it feels like it’s working. I’m definitely less sweaty when I wear these shirts.

      1. I’ve never heard of sweat guard tops. Only the deodorant. The converse is about having more contact how our feet should be with the floor lifting, rather than cushioned. It makes sense and I’m curious to try for a while!

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