5 Sugar Detox Surprises

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It’s officially Day 10 and these are the 5 best (and surprising) things about the sugar detox:

  1. All the salads. All the options. All the health benefits.
  2. Cutting down on the processed sugar-laden foods gives this lighter, healthier feeling in your tummy. That’s quite an addictive feeling.
  3. Knowing your drink options are water, water, or more water sure simplifies things. No more sticking your head in the fridge for several minutes asking yourself what you feel like drinking.
  4. Going without added sugar is cheaper. It can be surprising how much money a sugar junkie can spend on candy, chocolate and sugary snacks.
  5. It might be the reduction in sugar, the fact that your water intake is up or a combination of the two but after a while, your skin starts to glow in a way it didn’t before.

It’s enough to bolster me to keep going for another couple of…

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