What’s in my New and Improved Gym Bag

I finally caved and bought a new gym bag. My first two gym bags I bought at the flea market had huge rips on the inside pockets and inner lining. I guess it’s true as the old saying goes, good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. For the last few months, I’ve been toting around a reusable shopping bag to the gym. I actually got this complimentary reusable shopping bag from my gym. I really love the motivational quotes printed all over it, but I couldn’t deny that its days as a gym bag were numbered when the straps started to tear. And let’s face it. Who wants to use a reusable shopping bag as a gym bag?

My old “gym tote”:




I decided to spend a pretty penny and buy a quality bag to carry all my fitness doodads and whatsits.  I also needed a bag that would accommodate my yoga mat. Time to transfer my items from my old gym/reusable shopping bag into my chic new Elle Yoga/gym tote.



Let’s see:

  • plenty of room for my gym clothes
  • my waist pouch for my ear-buds and phone
  • cross-trainers
  • water bottle
  • deodorant
  • extra socks
  • gym towel
  • and an extra compartment for my tablet. This is perfect because I often take my tablet to the gym if I want to use one of my fitness apps for cardio.

I think it was a wise and necessary purchase for sure.



What’s in your gym bag?

Do you use reusable shopping bags for things other than groceries?




25 thoughts on “What’s in my New and Improved Gym Bag

  1. I agree…a wise and necessary purchase! What’s in my gym bag? Right now it’s pretty acceptable. I haven’t spilled a protein drink in there for a long time, thank goodness. I just have exercise clothes/shoes, a little towel and when I’m going back and forth to the gym, I stuff my purse in there.

  2. Its terrible to admit, I have the opposite problem. I have a dozen reusable shopping bags and am forever forgetting to “re-use” them. I forget to take them to the store, I forget to use them, I forget about them…Im not sure why…but its not on purpose.

    1. I do that too! Lol. I get to the grocery store and then realize, oh crap, I forgot the reusable bags again! I think my gym reusable bag was always pre-packed so I’d never forget.

  3. I love your new gym bag and that’s so cool it accommodates your yoga mat too! Love it. I think I need to get me a new bag now. Ha ha.

  4. Can you pack my gym bag please? I have to take my suspension trainer, 2 towels (mircofiber. Take up less space) one for gym floor and one for the shower as my gym doesn’t provide towels. Also flip flops for the shower in addition to what you take! I also take a change of clothes as I cycling in my gym clothes. No wonder my rucksack weighs a ton! Love the bag!

    Reusable shopping bags I mostly use for groceries, I reuse plastic carrier bags more often. H&M’s small/medium sized bags make great trainer/shoe bags for taking to the gym! Or for putting my shower towel in.

    1. Oh my goodness! Your gym bag is like my friend’s. Everything except the kitchen sink. I guess it makes a huge difference if you shower there because you’ve got to pack toiletries, shower shoes and towels. I would love to see the size of your bag, Nat!

      1. Ha Ha! You’ve just given me a blog post, Thank you! Seriously I question gym days when I throw the rucksack on, do I need all of it and I do use 99% of it. I shower at the gym as I’m not paying for the hot water!

  5. Your new bag is awesome. I need one of those, although would you believe I don’t even have a yoga mat out here? I left it at home on the other coast! lol! I just use a reusable urban outfitters gym bag. Not so fancy hehe

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