Why You Gotta be so Rude?

Last week I was drinking my morning java, watching a little HLN with Robin Meade as per my usual routine. I usually don’t rant on social media, but a story that HLN featured had me in a ranting kind of mood. Some news reporter named Britt McHenry had her car towed while dining out with friends. I have never heard of this women prior to this event, so I can’t say much about her character as a TV personality.

Now, having your car towed must be a frustrating experience. It has never happened to me, but I can imagine coming out of a restaurant/mall/event only to discover that your car is gone is very upsetting. I have been in various frustrating situations. Banking error mishaps made by a teller, lost luggage, stolen credit card. Being put on hold or given the brush off or run around can be very frustrating when you are already in a bad mental place.  However, is it okay to behave badly?

She went on nothing short of a tirade as she waited to recover her car. Telling the tow truck company employee all kinds of awful, insulting things about her physical appearance and more. When the tow truck driver motioned to Britt McHenry that there is a camera that is recording every word right above her, Britt looked up at the camera with a smug scowl and continued on her tirade saying things to the woman inside the tow booth along the lines of, (and this is all from my memory of the HLN story so some quotes are surely not excact.) “I have a degree and you don’t.” “I guess you have to work in a scummy place like this. Maybe if I was missing some teeth like you they would hire me here.” “I have a good education and you don’t. I actually have a brain.”

As she snatched her keys, she turned to the employee with one final jab (as though she didn’t jab enough) with this, “yea, lose some weight honey (or sweetie). I’m on TV and you’re stuck here in a trailer.” I do not care if you are the most educated person in the world. Your words made you look foolish. I don’t care if you have the best, dazzling set of teeth in all of North America, along with the hottest bod to boot. Your words make you very ugly. I don’t care if you have the best paid job with six figures or more. Your words have made you poverty-stricken.

Now, as I said I don’t know this woman from Adam. Her emotions may have gotten the better of her, but I still feel staying in control of your emotions speaks volumes. This display tells me that Ms. McHenry has a propensity to behave this way when things don’t go her way and can be irascible in nature.

A few years ago, I went to waterfront restaurant downtown with my friend for dinner. The waitress was very rude and condescending when we inquired about pricing and specials. She made us feel almost like, well if you can’t afford to eat here, then suck it up and like what I tell you.  I was insulted, my friend was insulted. So what did we do? Verbally assault the waitress? No.  We decided we were not leaving her a tip and talked to the manager about her lack of customer service (and got a new server and a free glass of Pinot I might add 🙂

It’s okay to be frustrated and expect good service. It is never okay to be a jerk. So my friends, to me the tow truck worker came out on top. With all of Britt McHenry’s college credentials, booming bod, and perfect news anchor smile, she was looking like one ugly person on the inside.




16 thoughts on “Why You Gotta be so Rude?

  1. I know it was terrible. I have literally met people I thought were gorgeous…then after they talk….they become ugly.
    Beautiful starts from within.

  2. Kindness, in my opinion is the nicest quality a person can possess. With everything she has, she doesn’t recognize that it has been a gift from God and not of her own making. They’ll always be someone better, smarter, sweeter and prettier than us because God gave us exactly what I need to honor Him. Now what will we do with that gift? (A pompous personality would definitely hurt His testimony and I’d hate to have a “dressing down” when I meet with the One who gave me all these blessings.) Thank you for speaking truth and you are practically perfect in every way . . . sigh, so few of us left . . . 🙂 Blessings my friend,

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Ellie. I think people with this mentality don’t even think of God or his gifts. They feel looks and money give them a pass to say what they feel. I just hope this was a learning experience for her, and she realizes what she said. I always say, watch your words because you can’t take them back.

  3. Woah, that’s terrible! I can’t believe all of those horrible things she said. I can’t imagine ever saying ANYTHING like that to ANYONE! So sad.
    I love how you handled your dining experience though. You handled it so well and with class!

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