Insta Inspire

Hey fit fam! I love your ‘Grams.  When I started an Instagram account I doubted I would be scrolling through it much. That was not true. Almost every night, I go through my feed for recipes, workout ideas, to travel off to exotic places and to unwind.

I myself like to post about three times per week, but haven’t yet mastered the whole idea. Non-filtered, filtered, black and white, yadda yadda. I just snap something in the moment and share. In the very initial stages I snapped everything and anything to just get the feel for it. Okay, perhaps I was a little over zealous when I shared my favourite  dish towel from Williams-Somona.  Fine, duly noted. No dish towels when you can scroll through beaches, resorts and exciting things, however it is a really quality dish towel. Not a single double tap to be found for my dish towel.

There are a few accounts that have caught my eye, and I look forward to seeing posts to give me a little insta inspiration.


The beachyyogagirl Kerri Verna has a wonderful page. Who could not like a Warrior 2 pose with the ocean as the backdrop? Always stunning images that make me feel so peaceful and serene.

IMG_1222Weight training:

Camilleg33 is a Team Blade bodybuilder with a beautiful physique and humble attitude. What a great combo! What makes her stand out for me are the array of different exercises she displays. Many moves for strength, endurance and stamina are new to me and I am always learning from her posts.

IMG_1229SimplyNathalia. What can I say about this beautiful lady? I am truly in awe of her transformation. She has not only lost weight, but has built a body of muscular proportions from grit, determination, a complete lifestyle change and God. #Love!


More Fitness:

NatalieJillFit is always sharing time efficient and effective workouts. I have tried many of her 5 minute core and glute blasters when I am strapped for time. I would also be lying if I said that I didn’t love her workout gear. Visit her website and read her inspiring story about how she made a positive change for her mind, body and soul at


For nutritious and delicious meals that are always artfully displayed I look out for posts from Fitness_Meals

IMG_1226and for colourful and rich fruits and vegetables, sweet treats and refreshing looking smoothies cleanandgreeneating



Lifestyle bloggers (fitness, food, travels):

I wrote a post about this young lady because she can do a mean handstand and is a globe-trotter extraordinaire who loves her desserts. Her IG is as beautiful as her blog, always with a positive message and the importance of embracing change. TheZenKat

IMG_1220I recently discovered her blog and immediately subscribed to receive more posts. Island_Living_Midwest’s IG is classy, pretty and a little sassy! This Island girl shares lovely recipes from back home, fashion finds and tropical smoothies that make you daydream of summer on the beach, under a thatched-roof palapa.


Now, anyone wanna see my favourite potato peeler? Really, really good stuff here. Can I get a double tap? And feel free to give my dish towel some love.

What are some of your fave IG accounts?


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