I’m a Thief

Post title aside, I have never stolen anything in my entire life. Well, truth be told, I did steal a Barbie Chapstick when I was seven from Woolco in a brief moment of weakness. Little did I know I have been stealing lately…and a lot.

I was perusing the Muscle and Fitness site reading a few online articles. An article about gym etiquette caught my eye, and I clicked the link to be entertained (I enjoy reading gym etiquette write-ups.) I want to ensure my etiquette is up to scratch. Clean sweat marks off benches and wipe down apparatus after use. Check. Don’t hog equipment and use up benches with your towel, water bottle or iPod. Never do that and always welcome to work in a set with other members. Wear deodorant. Of course. I don’t want to be a smelly Suzie. Hit on hot girls with cheesy pick-up lines. Non-applicable. Then I saw it! My first gym etiquette “don’t” that I commit often.

See below…..

imageI am always eavesdropping on the trainer to client conversation since I can’t afford a trainer right now along with my membership fees and Kundalini Yoga classes I want to start again in the Spring. This is nothing short of tacky. Tack, tack, tacky! Sometimes when I see the trainer spotting the client through an exercise I have never seen before, and want to learn more,  I may discreetly inch closer to them to get tips on form and take a closer look at the move.

When I think about this gym crime, I realize that I have been stealing. This is the program the trainer has spent time on designing to implement for the client and I’m just swooping in and taking the ideas from this plan without paying for them as the client has. I’m piggy-backing on a program I did not pay for. It’s like cheating on a test, stealing an idea from a colleague, but telling the boss it was your idea, reading a blog post from another blogger and putting it on your own blog. Oh the shame!

I am not going to be so sneaky in the future. If I see a trainer exercise that interests me, I will simply approach them and ask. Turns out I’ve stolen Chapstick and exercises.

Have you ever committed gym thievery? 

If you’re a trainer, has this ever happened to you? What did you do about it? ( and I’m sorry) 


14 thoughts on “I’m a Thief

  1. hahaha I have never heard or seen anyone do that before! That is hilarious. I do like to steal ideas from trainers after a session though. Just take what they give me and run with it. I’ve definitely done that before!

  2. Ha Ha! Sound’s like Grace from Will and Grace (I think) when she had ‘free’ training sessions. Her booty didn’t get big like she liked as that wasn’t the other girls goal! I must say I see other people (and a few trainers) doing cool exercises, I do make a note to have a go later. But this brings up another issue. Social media. So many fitness ideas and who’s to know we’re not or are doing them right? Isn’t that the same?

  3. I think that you pay the gym membership and that should be enough. If you observe someone with a particular technique, and try to emulate it what’s wrong with that!
    This would be like telling a sports fan they can not emulate their favorite players swing , shot ,style etc.
    If a trainer has a problem with observation and emulation, then they can have their client work out in a private space.
    B.T.W. doesen’t ” observation and emulation” sound much nicer 🙂

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