Walk Like a Bear- Breaking Out My Comfort Zone

It’s the last week of January already. In keeping with my promise to try new things and get out of my comfort zone, I am trying to incorporate new exercises that are difficult instead of avoiding them, and then sharing these moves on the blog. In my constant quest to build shoulder strength, ability and mass, I was delighted to discover the new-to-me bear walk in HIIT class. Forget walking like a man, walk like a bear! (Insert bad joke here.)

The first time I tried bear walks in HIIT, Maureen (the instructor) told me my bear looked a little drunk. To which I laughed and lost my concentration. My bear walk was wobbly, off balance and weak, as though I licked the remnants of one too many Budweiser cans from an abandoned camp site. I’m sure bears do that don’t they? They’re scavengers after all. Maureen encouraged me, and she added bear walks to each session despite my grumbling protest, promising that it would get easier and not to give up. I really love her class. She’s always encouraging and humorous. A perfect combo in my books. Guess what, Maureen was right. After many attempts of falling to my knees and saying (or growling) “I can’t do this much longer, Maureen,” my bear walks improved, and I became a big, bad grizzly!

Bear walks work and strengthen many areas of the body, from the core, to the legs, my teeny-tiny wrists and I find especially my shoulders. This move also gets my heart rate up, as I can now bear walk for 40 seconds per three sets in HIIT. Booboo and Yogi would be so proud of me.


....and go back to starting line.
….and go back to starting line.


For form and safe technique, check out this link to unleash the grizzly in you. He can describe the move much better than I could. But stay away from those abandoned beer cans.

*Never attempt a new or advanced exercise if just starting out. Always consult with a certified group instructor/personal trainer.  Safety and physical limitations should always be considered first and foremost. *



12 thoughts on “Walk Like a Bear- Breaking Out My Comfort Zone

  1. Love it! Your persistence that is! Stick with anything and you’ll get better at it. That’s where results come from!

    1. Thanks Colin. The support of the instructor was so helpful. She knew I hated bear crawls, but she kept them in the class to show me that I would improve. Now, I can move onto working on my shoulder push-ups.

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