Because Sometimes Poppy is a Little Sloppy. Staying Healthy During Flu Season

ahm103d_1000_240img_1428Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode when Poppy was a little sloppy? Jerry refused to eat the pizza at a restaurant his girlfriend raved about because he saw the chef, Poppy, in the washroom who didn’t wash his hands after using the toilet. When Poppy told Jerry, “I-a personally gonna make dinner for you and Audrey,” leaving poor Jerry dumbfounded. Jerry watched in horror as the pizza chef kneaded the dough with a big grin on his face. A similar thing happened to me last year.  I was dining at a fancy schmancy restaurant with a few friends for a birthday party. My friend and I excused ourselves from our party to go to the ladies room. As we stood at the sink washing our hands, another lady came out of the third stall. She ran the water and what we observed was quite shocking. She wet only the tips of her fingers, and patted down the sides of her hair. She then puckered her lips to apply a coat of ruby-red lipstick taken from her stylish beaded clutch purse. My friend and I glanced at one another. When she left the facilities I asked my friend, “did that just happen?” Who cares about your sexy lips, lady! Your hands!

Which leads me to my first tip to staying healthy this flu season.

1. I don’t shake stranger’s hands anymore, especially after witnessing first “hand” (insert bad joke here) that some people don’t hand wash after doing their business. What if she was working in the kitchen? I wondered if she held the door for any patrons as they left the restaurant. Wash those hands, everyone. Wash after holding a grocery cart, an escalator rail or a revolving door, because you just don’t know. Which is tip number 2……

I no longer hold doors in public anymore, but have devised a very unique way of stopping the door with my feet or elbows and I always use a paper towel in the washroom if I have to open the door first. I don’t really care what folks think. People pick noses, cough in their hands and don’t hand wash and then hold onto surfaces….or make pizza. Which I try not to think about. (Sometimes I guess ignorance is bliss.)

3. If I am sick, I stay home in bed. I used to be one of those silly people who went to work sick. Well, not these days. When I am sick there is only one place you will find me. In my bed, with my Vicks Vapour rub watching Sex in the City reruns. The world will continue and your job will be there tomorrow. You are no good to any project, manager or team if you are burning with fever or so congested that you can’t smell and people think you said “bye” when you really said “my”. I once witnessed a man on the train when I worked downtown. He was hacking so badly with a cough that people were getting up and leaving the seats near him (myself included). If you’re that sick, stay home. Nobody wants to catch what you have and you will never recover if you do not take the sufficient amount of rest.

4.  Eat well. Have your five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and keep your immune system strong. Drink a lot (and I mean a lot) of fresh, filtered water as well as green tea. This will flush out those toxins and help you to heal faster if you are sick.

5.  I find that supplements such as vitamin D and Camu C are very good for immune system boosting. Camu camu is a powerful fruit found in the Brazilian rainforest with higher amounts of vitamin C than oranges.

I don’t mean to get all Howie Mandell on you, but as I said, you just never know. That lady in that fancy eating establishment looked clean, put together and polished. Perfect hair, make-up with an expensive looking outfit, yet she failed to wash her hands. Poppy looked well-groomed too, yet he was a little sloppy and failed to wash his hands.

Take care, my friends. What are your tips for staying healthy this season. Did anyone get the flu shot? Did you ever see that Seinfeld episode?


12 thoughts on “Because Sometimes Poppy is a Little Sloppy. Staying Healthy During Flu Season

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the Seinfeld reference!!! I always use a paper towel to open restroom doors when I’m leaving. I mean I just washed my hands – there’s no way I’m touching that thing!
    I’ve been thinking about supplementing with Vitamin D during the winter too

  2. This was excellent once again! Loved this reference to Seinfield. To me as a Christian it also points out that it’s always the (seemingly) little things that can trip us up in life. We can look all polished and have others admire us when glancing at the outside but we can hold an inside “germy” lifestyle that no one would want to touch. You didn’t want to be around that lady and neither would I. We need to be washed in the blood of the Lord, don’t we? Blessings,

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