You Think You’re in Good Shape Until…

You try something new and find yourself gasping, or wincing in exhaustion mid workout. Your face is covered in sweat and beet red. If you read this post you might remember I did a TribeCore class. On Tuesday night I did TribeCore’s meaner and more intense big sister TribeFit. A series of burpees, treadmill sprints, push-ups, squats, walking lunges and walking planks were all on the agenda with no rest in between.  Before I continue can I just say that burpees are evil. They were put on this earth to make us suffer while getting us into shape. They are three moves in one: a plank, a push-up and a jump. Evil, mean little burpees. I try to avoid them like the plague because they are so hard.  To say I was challenged in TribeFit is an understatement.

On Sunday, I did the Core Killer workout from the NTC app. Killer is right, considering I felt like I was on the verge of death by the end of the workout. Only 15 minutes but an INTENSE 15 minutes.  Here I was, little overly-confident me, thinking I can handle the Core Killer. Hey, I can plank straight for two minutes. How hard can this 15 minutes be? Well, my ab region was in pain (the good hardworking,  muscles are crying pain) during the workout and I struggled throughout.

After recovering from the Core Killer on Sunday night, I was watching Nik Wallenda and his death-defying stunt of walking the tightrope between two Chicago high rise buildings, without a net and tether. (would he do it any other way?) Oh yeah, he was also blindfolded. Something he said in an interview before his walk really resonated with me. It was along the lines of, “if you have a passion, you can’t stay stuck in the same old routine. You’ve got to test your limits to grow, challenge yourself and become better.”  Hence the reason, Wallenda explained that he felt compelled to walk the rope blindfolded. His next stunt will be doing a handstand on the rope mid way through his walk. Again, testing those limits through his passion. I realized that I tend to get stuck in a rut, sometimes through my own stubbornness. I am now in a pull-up crazed frenzy, so I have tunnel vision of training my lats to achieve one unassisted pull-up. While this is a good goal, I have to remember that fitness entails other components, such as endurance and speed, and not just strength.

Now while I won’t be walking a tightrope across The Grand Canyon anytime soon, or without 50 tethers and 50 nets, I will certainly be testing my limits in fitness because fitness is my passion. I will try to do at least two new activities per month and will utilize the killer workouts on the NTC app more often instead of avoiding them, and will even add more burpees in my life. Although we are not one of the Flying Wallendas, I believe we all have passions in our lives that need we need to grow, develop and challenge.

How will you challenge yourself this month?


6 thoughts on “You Think You’re in Good Shape Until…

  1. I love the tightrope walkers motto, its very inspirational. I have never tried Tribe fit, but I have the NTC app and I love it for bodyweight exercises. I wish they had more weight training, maybe they will incorporate it in the future. Fingers crossed

    1. I find Nik Walkenda just so uplifting, aside from his amazing feats. TribeFit is tough (well, it was for me.) I think the no resting until the end really was the test of my endurance.
      It’s true NTC has hard workouts, but not much in the weight training options. I love it for core killing. I mean strengthening.

  2. I will challenge myself with one of those 1 min plank for 7 days or 25 squats for 7 days (as seen on tribesports) and stay away from store-bought baked goods until Christmas

  3. I am with ya! I tried a Crossfit WOD a few months ago, LOOKED as though I could kill it. Ha! I was the last dragass in the line-up and had to cheat on my reps to finish. If you are serious about changing it up you should take a look at the new Complex workouts published on T-Nation this week 🙂

    1. Truth be told I was a complete cheater in TribeFit and told the coach I completed my set of burpees when I only did 10 instead of 15 (if you’re reading this Natalie I’m busted!)
      T-Nation? Definitely going to have a look. Thank-you.

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