I’m Thankful For Stretchy Pants

This Monday will make a total of two Thanksgiving feasts I have enjoyed. This is why God created stretchy pants. My Thanksgiving dinners usually contain alotta starches. Rice, potatoes, potato salad and at times pasta salads. I enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving potluck at work on Thursday. Everything was so tasty and we even had a bird.

Four year old Piper shows me her turkey-lurkey.
Four year old Piper shows me her turkey-lurkey.


No, not that bird, a real turkey.

Mary’s mom made a delicious chorizo stuffing. Delicious does not do it justice. It was out of this world delicious. My contribution was a Thanksgiving pear and feta salad. It is very festive in colour and you can find the recipe right here. Oh, and I always save room for pumpkin pie. Gotta have that pie in the sky! Here lies the dilemma. Now that my diet is primarily light and protein-filled, anytime I gorge myself silly on these occasions, I feel lethargic and bloated. My stomach balloons up, and I go into sloth mode in my elastic waist pants. I guess my body is not used to over-indulging these days, but oops I did it again. Thanks goodness holidays come only once a year.

Here are a few more scenes from the fall:


Andy’s bridge over troubled-waters
Fall constitutional with mom and dad.
Fall constitutional with mom and dad.



Wishing all my fellow Canadians a blessed Thanksgiving. May your meals be stretchy-pants worthy and always save room for pie.

IMG_2278What are you thankful for?


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