My Harvest Prayer for you

I bumped into an acquaintance at Walmart tonight. I asked her what she has planned for Thanksgiving, and she replied, “not much. I find holidays depressing.” After wishing her well, we parted ways, lost between hoards of busy Thanksgiving shoppers.

On the drive home, a melancholy mood took over as I thought of this brief encounter. Not everyone enjoys the holidays for many reasons. Job loss, financial woes, family estrangement, fighting addictions and personal demons, illness, grief, break-ups and breakdowns can lead to hopelessness.  Not everyone will be carving into a turkey come Sunday. Not everyone is feeling blessed tonight.

If you are feeling lost, I pray for your direction.

If you are feeling weary, I pray you find rest.

If you are lonely, I pray you know you are loved. Loved by God and loved by me.

If you are feeling hopeless, I pray that you discover the answer.

If you are physically or mentally broken, I pray for your healing.

If you are feeling angry, guilt-ridden or sad,  I pray that peace takes over your heart, mind and soul.

If you are encountering difficult paths, know that this too will pass. You are going through hardships to build strength and resilience. God has not abandoned you and knows your plight.


Amongst the leaves, dotted in colours, beyond the winding dirt path and over the rushing stream, you will find an old bridge. This bridge though has another side. You will make it across the bridge, this I promise you. It may be difficult and seem so daunting, but this bridge is strong.  On the other side, the sunlight reflects off the stream and shines through the leaves on the trees. A woodpecker’s swift beak is echoing through the forest.  On the other side is hope, love, peace and purpose.


Cross this bridge and don’t look back. This I pray for you.


-C. Longsworth














6 thoughts on “My Harvest Prayer for you

  1. First, this photo was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

    It was an eye opening experience as a counselor to discover early on, that holidays are actually depressing to many people. Instead of being thankful for memories of loved ones, some cling to the past and are bitter for their loss, which isn’t what the loved one would want. This is a wonderful, thoughtful post, thanks, blessings,

  2. Beauty-full! It’s so easy to forget that people experience those feelings during the holidays. It just makes it that much more important to give back during that time and pour into those that need it the most.

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