Trex to Tigress Spooky Halloween Confessional

I think I have a case of arrested development when it comes to Halloween. I simply love Halloween and refuse to declare it just for children. Besides, I’m young at heart.

So I decided it’s time for some Halloween confessions……

1. If it was socially acceptable for 40-somethings to trick or treat, I’d be all over that. Trick or treating is a great physical activity. For one, you do a lot of walking. Secondly, you walk holding heavy bags of candy.

2. When I was 21, my sister had a nasty sinus infection on Halloween. Her husband hated taking their kids trick-or-treating, so it became her parental responsibility. I happily volunteered to take over the trick-or-treating duty so my sis could remain in her sick-bed. What a nice auntie. However……I had my own selfish motives. I seriously considered dressing up and pretending to be an “older sister” to my nieces and nephew, so I too could collect candies. When my sister told me that was a crazy idea and don’t even try it (she was friends with all the neighbours) I decided against it. So instead I just told my nieces and nephew that if they didn’t each give me 5 mini KitKats and an addition 5 bags of chips that Freddie Kruger would pick the lock of their house with his knife fingers and break in at midnight. Wow, it feels great to get that off my chest.

Coming for your candy, kids!
Coming for your candy, kids!

3.  One year my bro waited last-minute to plan his costume. (I started planning my cossy in late August. Insert tooting horn here.) Sure enough, all the good costumes were taken at Woolco. Bro had to settle for the dreaded “sheet ghost.”  I hid our only white sheet for a joke and he couldn’t find it to cut the eye holes in it. My bro had to wear a flannel sheet with pink flowers on it. (Lol-ing right here. Man, it felt great to get that off my chest.)


4. Which segues nicely into my next confession. My favorite Halloween show is It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I never miss it. (Where poor Charlie Brown was a sheet ghost and only got rocks when trick-or treating.) Reminds me of my poor bro, because I think someone did give him a rock with his flowery sheet ghost costume. “I got a rock.”

5.  One year, I wanted to make my house look extra spooky. I used all the TP to make those Kleenex ghosts because we didn’t have Kleenex. I made about 100 and hung them all around outside, on trees, on the door handles, on the mailbox. When my dad went to the throne ( with his National Geographic) I started to shake in my boots. When he bellowed, “Esther (my mom) are we completely out of toilet paper!?” I ran to my room and hid. Unfortunately, poor dad had to use paper towel. Ouch!  (You know, coming “clean” is feeling really good, unfortunately not for dad that day.)

How to make a Kleenex ghost with Andy’s soft, scented Kleenex, while he takes a nap, with easy step-by-step instructions:





If your parents are angry you’ve used all the Kleenex kids, tell them The Tigress made you do it. I’ll take one for the team. Okay, back with the confessionals.

6. While visiting The Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City, a German tourist said I reminded him of Frida. That’s when I decided, I shall be Frida for Halloween. It was early September at the time and to make my costume authentic,  I let my mustache and uni-brow grow in for almost two months.


7.   Whether invited to a party or not, I still dress up and will continue to do so if I live to a ripe old age. This year I hope to be the black Lagertha. #shieldmaiden #vikings


8. I was one of those annoying teenagers who was way too old to be trick-or-treating, who would show up at your door after 10 pm with a pillow case as my treat bag.

So ends my Halloween confessionals. Any confessions to share? I highly recommend it. It feels like such a weight lifted off my shoulders. Speaking of witch which, time to get to the gym.


22 thoughts on “Trex to Tigress Spooky Halloween Confessional

  1. Here is my first confession: I had to google “Frida Kahlo”, because I had absolutely no idea who she was….until now. he he he! I love the confessions, you’re priceless Charlotte! Cant wait to see your costume this year!

  2. Thank you for the best giggle in a long time! I never knew you were so sneaky! I wonder if there’s a service for Trick or Treat supervisors for parents that don’t want to do the walk or are working. Fee, all your candy! Have a great time playing Lagertha!

    1. Thanks Nat. I couldn’t live in a world without practical jokes. I’ll be 80 and still switching sugar and salt canisters. What a great idea for a service. I think many parents would agree to that, and pay in candy!
      Glad I gave you a good giggle 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, I am laughing SO HARD at this post because I can relate to so much of it! I love Halloween so so much and I LOVE Trick-or-Treating. I’m so grateful I have kids I can take around, but I am a DIE HARD Trick-or-Treater and don’t let them quit until it’s too late and we have to head home. I also love making Kleenix ghosts and I was a teenager who trick-or-treated with a pillow case too, lol! Oh, and I’d love to see you with your unibrow and mustache!!! ha.

    1. That’s great! I can tell you can relate from the Kleenex ghosts to the pillow cases. Haha! I can see your kids saying, “mommy we’re tired” and you saying, “just two more houses.” Lol.

  4. Ha ha great, festive post. I LOVED Woolco as a kid, thanks for the reminder! I guess you could say I am a Halloween freak by association. We currently have a 7ft tall headless horseman in our garage. He’s a new addition to my husband’s usual cast of characters, but I still jump every time I pull the car in. Hope you’ll post pics of your costume this year 🙂

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