Did you Hug a Vegetarian Today?

I looked on the calendar this morning and discovered it is Hug a Vegetarian Day.

IMG_2222The two vegetarians I know live too far, so I will send them a virtual hug via Facebook. If you are a vegetarian, I’m sending a big hug your way.

Sending a hug to all my followers~ >u<

Today I began to think. Could I be worthy of a hug today? Could I be a vegetarian? I like poultry, red meat and fish. Meat provides me with much of my protein intake. At times, I feel such empathy for the animals that provide my sustenance. When I pass a field and see grazing cows, I get a little sad. I think, are their grazing days numbered? Will they be going to the cow heaven in the sky soon? I was a vegetarian for about two months when I witnessed the slaughter of an animal and it was horrific. The memory haunted me for months. I was sixteen years old, and on vacation in my parents’ birthplace of Belize. My cousin (who lives in Belize) took us out to get some relaxing beach time at one of the Cayes off the mainland. We swam in the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, soaked up the sun, ate tons of rice and beans and lobster, and watched a pig get slaughtered. You know, the normal vacation things. We gathered in the yard of one of the locals (my cousin’s friend Cecilio.) In Cecilio’s yard were two large pens, each had a pig in them of mammoth portions, a black and white pig and a pink pig. Families began to gather for the “event” in his yard.  I took a peek in the pens, making the animals squeal nervously. Cecilio approached the pens with a huge butcher’s knife.  I realized that the pigs were not afraid of me, but they had noticed Cecilio coming at them full force and could sense what was about to happen next. The pink pig was to face his horrible fate. Cecilio jumped swiftly in the pen, and pushed the animal’s huge backside out and started to tie its front and hind legs. It was that moment the ear-piercing squealing began. My cousin explained that the pig’s neck was far too large in girth, so a quick death of slitting its throat was not possible. Cecilio had to locate the heart and pierce the knife in it based on his estimation. As he began to stab at the pig’s body, it began to convulse uncontrollably. What I will never forget is the squealing. It was bone-chilling. The sound penetrated deep into my heart and head. I can only describe the sound as a car engine that won’t start, as you turn the ignition over and over again. After several jabs, Cecilio finally located the heart, which thankfully led to the animal’s demise and put an end to this misery. The next day, we went to Cecilio’s house for chicarones (deep-fried pig skin.) I couldn’t eat it. I just couldn’t after witnessing the slaughter. The animal’s carcass lay out on a picnic table in the bright sunlight. Not a wasted scrap of meat. Bright red blood droplets dotted the green grass.

I returned to Canada and abstained from meat, but slowly and surely, meat made its way back into my diet, starting with fish, then poultry and eventually pork chops. The only reason that would make me a vegetarian is compassion for the animals that feed me, not really for health-related reasons.

However, that day is not today. I’m going to The Works tonight for a charbroiled burger.


Are you a vegetarian? If not, do you think you could be?

Source for virtual hug visit: http://chibird.com/post/31438594994/sending-a-hug-to-all-my-followers-u


31 thoughts on “Did you Hug a Vegetarian Today?

  1. I’m a plant eater, aka vegan! It’s a lot easier to go without meat, fish and diary than people think. Many top athletes are plant eaters too (sounds more masculine than vegan!) as they find it’s the cleanest fuel to fuel their bodies.

    I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years and vegan for 2 (all started from ethics and how animals are treated). Giving up cheese was/is hard, but I don’t miss the after feeling! I eat honey and occasionally buy leather (especially belts) when I can’t find a synthetic alternative. Being complete 100% vegan is difficult as the by products are in so many unexpected sources.

    If you’re curious to see if you could go vegetarian, check out the documentaries, Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead. Both are on Netflix!

    1. Wow! I didn’t know that about you Nat. That’s amazing. Great to learn new things about other bloggers. I wonder if I could. I mean I love certain vegetarian dishes with tofu and just plant based foods. I wonder if I would just crack and eat a steak after a few weeks. I love seafood too. I’ll be sure to check out that documentary. Sounds interesting. After seeing the cruelty to the animal, I was really turned off, although it did feed a family of 12 and their neighbours too.

      1. I can see the poor pig feeding a family of 12 and their neighbours! Factory farming is the worst kind. The animals have no life of the little life they have. They’re just seen as a commodity, money and a production line. But I’d be with you, not eating that pig!

    2. If I was ever going to go veggie, I’d definitely call myself a “plant eater”. I love that. So much in fact, I might even try it for a few days just so I can walk around calling myself that!

      1. So I tried your ‘plant eater’ approach for a day. I had to eat about 4 post workout meals!!! It’s just not feasible with my training 😦 . I did tell 2 people I was a plant eater that day. Mission accomplished? :/

      2. Two. You should write a post about your experience. How a carnivorous powerhouse survived eating rabbit food for a day. Nat is pretty incredible. She’s a marathoner/yogi and is also dairy free. Have a great night!

      3. In the spirit of doing new things…. my new airbnb host (the Colombian Katie Perry!) Is currently throwing a birthday party at hour place for one of her many many gay friends. Partying with a bunch of gay guys tonight! Having a blast too! Lol. New journey/new experiences!

        Yes, that would be a good post. I’ll add that tod my list of 5/6 upcoming posts!

      4. Maybe! Check out Rich Roll and Brandon Brazier. Both are vegan endurance runners and triathletes! There are also a few boxers and mixed martial arts fighters that follow plant based too! Anyways, if what you’re doing works, it works!

  2. I am not. I tried being vegan but lasted 3 full days. The key in general is working hard to take care of your body by listening to it and eating as much of earth’s plants as possible.

  3. haha that someecard is ON POINT for real!! I tried to be a vegan, veggie and then a pescetarian (only eating fish) for a while…but I really missed meat a lot! I was always hungry and it was hard to get good protein in. As an athlete I now realize the benefit of having those crucial nutrients in one’s diet!! It makes me feel better eating healthy and whole and not malnourished 😉

    1. I love someecards. Always so funny and true. I also thought about the pescatarian route. When I tried to cut out all meat, I did it totally wrong, all carbs and starch. I was a moody, tired teenager. I do think meat in moderation is essential to help you perform better in athletics. I would have to make up for it in protein if I was a vegetarian. Now, I’m off for my burger with my friend. Lol.

      1. haha…yes all things in moderation honestly. I don’t like a lot of meat but I try to include it in my diet…sometimes I forget to eat it lol…but for instance tonight I had vegetarian chili with avocado and it was so satisfying and filling! Enjoy that burger girl!

  4. Who knew there was “Hug a Vegetarian day!??” I feel just like you about meat! I always feel so bad for the animals. Your story was horrible. I’m so sorry you had to experience it. I would be scarred for life. 😦 I do enjoy meat in my diet though. I don’t eat a ton of it though.

    1. It was so traumatizing, but very much part of the culture. I was the typical kid who saw meat all packaged nicely in the grocery store. Lol. I like meat too, but like you I try to eat very little.

  5. Charlotte, your story/experience was terrible. Sorry for you, I completely understand. Hug Charlotte Day! If you are considering going vegetarian, maybe start small like Meatless Mondays and work your way into more days of the week. I eat meat but not everyday, and not a ton. Hug a vegetarian day? So interesting….makes me wonder who came up with this day and what the heck….why? This piqued my interest…Its not like vegetarians are super oppressed outcasts or lonely souls in need of interaction. I air on the side of skeptical. Sounds like some vegetarian wants to be “Thanked” for their choice? What do you think? Is it a guilt trip on meat eaters?

    1. I think folks are just hug happy today. There’s a hug day for almost everyone. Next it will be hug a carnivore day. That experience stayed with me for so long. I just couldn’t look at pork the same way, but I guess time heals all wounds. I ate a burger last night. I try to include meatless days every week. There are some delicious veggie recipes out there. Love hug Charlotte Day!

  6. I wish I could just go hunt and slaughter the animals I consume. I’d feel way less guilty than buying it at the market. There’s an abundance of livestock farms outside of the city here. Maybe I’ll wrestle a pig this weekend and bring it home. I’d be super kind to it before it’s ultimate demise. Obviously my answer to your question is a big fat, juicy, thick, fatty, rib-eye….. I mean, NO! :/

    1. That is exactly how it was done when I saw it. Farm raised pigs to the slaughter. It just took too long for the poor thing to die. Let me know how it goes if you slaughter this weekend. Lol.
      Rib eye is delicious!

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