Healing Yoga for Real People with Real Problems

With all the heavy weight training I have been doing, Yoga has been necessary for me to include in my fitness program to give my body a good restorative stretch on days of active rest. When I feel like doing a quick Yoga session in the comfort of my home, I turn to the show Healing Yoga for Real People with Real Problems. I discovered this program on The One network and was pleased to discover mini webisodes on the network’s website, making it extra convenient. After all, I am a real person with real problems.


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The host of the show is Deborah Devine, a self-proclaimed ex-workaholic who left the hustle and bustle of the corporate world behind when health issues such as chronic fatigue, stress, back pain and weight gain began to plague her. Now Deborah is a full-time Yogi who has traveled the world to enlighten people of all ages on the benefits of healing Yoga through teaching this practice.


Deborah Devine demonstrates a movement on a show participant
Deborah Devine demonstrates a movement on a show participant


 Healing Yoga focuses not only on physical ailments such as back pain and shoulder tension, but achieving mental wellness. Some of her shows also focus on dealing with depression, anxiety and grief. Deborah’s instruction is easy to follow, as she demonstrates movements with gentle TLC on some of her show participants. What I love about the show is that her participants range in ages from young adult to seniors, showing that it is never too late to restore and balance the body back to health. I hope to encourage my dad to start watching her show and trying the movements.

Whether I’m feeling tightness in the back, soreness in my neck or a little sad, I can just unroll my mat, and let the soothing voice of Deborah Devine aid in my path to healing and wellness and feeling renewed again.

Here I practice stretching out the core from Healing Yoga.
Here I practice stretching out the core from Healing Yoga.


To see more of Healing Yoga mini webisodes, episode guides and Deborah Devine’s bio on the ONE network, click here.

What is your favorite type of Yoga?


15 thoughts on “Healing Yoga for Real People with Real Problems

  1. Restorative yoga is wonderful and a great way to calm your mind! Since I’m borderline nuts and a.d.d 😉 I prefer a bit of a faster flow (vinyasa/power style) but with all of the working out I do yoga is very healing for my body!

  2. Good for you! I like practicing yoga as well. It’s a great practice for muscle builders and weight trainers. One has got to exercise the mind and spirit as well. Can you send me those barstools :^)

  3. Loved reading this! I’ve never done yoga before but have planned to begin once I get back home from my internship. I love the idea behind it and I totally agree that sometimes we just have to learn to unwind! Thank you for sharing 🙂 Just another reason for me to get on the ball with the yoga program. I’ll definitely have to check out those Healing Yoga webisodes.

  4. Sadly, I haven’t done yoga much, but I know I should! I know it would be so good for my mental health, flexibility and muscles. That Healing Yoga show sounds great. You look amazing too!

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