Grown Folks Lunch Boxes

It is that time of year again, packing lunches and checking homework. Moms and dads, what are you packing for your own lunch to get you energized and focused for the latter part of your work day? I know you are constantly worrying about packing healthy eats for the kiddies, but be sure not to neglect your own lunch time nourishment. I am always on the search for health-conscious lunch options. I try to avoid buying my lunch at all cost, not only to save money, but to save my waistline.

Enter Proteinis by Maple Leaf Natural Selections:

These little power-packs come with grilled chicken breast strips and dried fruit on the side. (apple or cranberry) The chicken is lightly seasoned and moist.


I use them in wraps, as snacks with a hard-boiled egg and I especially love them in salads:


What I love most about Proteinis is that they do not contain a lot of ingredients or additives. The ingredient list is nice and simple:

IMG_2088So remember moms, dads and all you grown folks, kids needs proper fuel for energy and concentration for their day, and so do we. You can’t prep for that huge board meeting, deal with those cantankerous clients or ask the boss for that deserving raise on an empty, under-nourished stomach now can you? Make sure your lunch box is also packed with goodness and ready to face the day ahead, however hectic.

This is not a sponsored post. It is just brought to you by my love for nutritious and convenient Proteinis.


8 thoughts on “Grown Folks Lunch Boxes

  1. Love it! Please pack my lunch for me! I havent tried this brand. But I do very similar, with tyson chicken breast strips. Another pre made helper that I love is Hard Boiled eggs they come in a bag already peeled and ready to go. Love them as grab and go or on a salad too! You re salad looks great, looking at it is making me hungry!

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