Tigress on the Prowl

This tigress is hunting, and she wants YOU!


Before there is any confusion, I have some explaining to do. I am currently seeking guests for upcoming posts for my Stories of Inspiration category. When I first started this blog, I wanted to feature at least one inspirational story per month. I think it is important to encourage, uplift and motivate those who are on the path to change. So, if you have met a goal, passed a daunting obstacle, achieved something you have been working hard for and want to celebrate your victory by being a feature on a post, why not do it here? It does not have to be a fitness goal. It could also be a life change that made a positive impact in your life in other ways as well.

I hope to contact other bloggers and ask you if you would like to be feature on a post. There are a few I will be emailing or contacting through your comment section this week. Many of you have inspired me, so I want to spread your message of determination and positivity.

These are some past posts where people have featured their stories of success:

www.fromtrextotigress.com/rebuilding strength
www.fromtrextotigress.com/a mind that matters
www.fromtrextotigress.com/inspiration from across the miles
www.fromtrextotigress.com/positive thinking 101
www.fromtrextotigress.com/more than a beachbody

Please contact me at weathyarms00@gmail.com if you are interested in sharing your story of inspiration. I would love to hear from you. Together we can prove that it is possible.

Artwork of tiger by Stella Mays. For further inquires visit http://www.stellamays.co.uk/originals.html#slider-5


6 thoughts on “Tigress on the Prowl

  1. You are super amazing! What a wonderful idea to feature an inspiring story once a month. You’ve already inspired me to follow in your footsteps and adopt a something similar on my blog. Its a lovely thought, can I copy you (steal it)? 🙂 lol

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