The Gym Runway

I have mentioned before about my minimalist approach when going to the gym, meaning hair up in a bun and no make-up. That hasn’t changed. One thing that has changed is the way I dress at the gym. Just last week I said goodbye to my favourite pair of workout pants, my baggy, grey sweats with the phrase “Just Do It” sprawled across my rear end. I liked these sweats. They were comfy and so forgiving of figure flaws, but they were not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Truth be told, my lower body looked like a shapeless sack of potatoes in my Just Do It pants, which suited me just fine at the time.

This is how I used to dress for the gym:


Now that I have trimmed inches off my lower body, I like wearing more stylish gear. Let’s face it, gym gear is the new couture. You don’t have to look like a shapeless sack of potatoes these days when working out thanks to Lululemon, Fabletics and Titika. The colours, the styles, the fit, pieces that are designed to flatter your physique and accentuate your body parts to look fitter (aka booty) can be found not just in these specialty sporting stores, but in your neighbourhood department stores too. Walmart has great active attire, as does Target and Marshalls. I love going to the gym to see fitnessistas of all shapes and sizes looking athletic and chic, in varieties of neon, in headbands, in capris and tights. The gym is the new runway and it is an exciting time for exercise fashion. I don’t shop in expensive active living stores, such as Lululemon, because I simply can’t justify spending $160 on yoga pants. The two Lulu shirts and one pair of pants I do own are hand-me-downs, and I must admit, they are extremely comfortable, quality gear. If money was no object, I probably would add a few more Lulu pieces to my wardrobe. I typically shop for workout clothes at Old Navy, Winners, or Sportscheck. From these retailers, I can get pieces that are not only conducive to active living, but look great too at a reasonable price.

Like a kid in a Candy store at Sportscheck:


Umm….I’ll take one of each:


At this time I would like to plead with Kate Hudson to open Fabletics in Canada. Kate, loved you in Failure to Launch. Oops, or was that Sarah Jessica Parker? Anyways Kate, hook a sister up, please.

My current gym look:



Sure, I could just stick with my over-sized lumpy, sweats, but why should I when there are so many options available? When I look better, I feel better.

Do you enjoy shopping for the gym?


21 thoughts on “The Gym Runway

  1. I LOVE your new gym look! So cute! I can’t wait until I can wear cute gym clothes again. I don’t get “all dolled up” to go to the gym, but I think it’s motivating to wear fun clothes. I love Old Navy for workout wear too and I HOPE Fabletics comes to Canada soon!!!

    1. Thank-you! I agree, it is so motivating to gym shop. When I meet a goal I usually treat myself. Old Navy is wonderful and Fabletics looks wonderful. Hopefully one day I’ll find out. 🙂

  2. Loving your new workout look! I used to be the same way where I’d wear old clothes, but I actually enjoy getting cute workout clothes. It may be silly, but I think good clothes make me workout better. 🙂

  3. Looking good Sis! Thank goodness you got rid of the potato sack look..haha! You’ve worked hard for that bod – I agree – show it off!

  4. YAY! I think it is SO important to make that apparel switch both physically and mentally. How can you be motivated when you’re feeling lumpy? You sure have a lot to be proud of with your dedication and progress – looking FANTASTIC!!!

  5. Active Wear makes me drool! I LOVE shopping for the gym! In fact, I wear ‘gym’ clothes 90% of my life now! It’s so comfortable and flattering, and it sets me up to always be ready for a spontaneous workout 🙂

  6. Great outfit! Looks so good on you! I also love cute workout outfits, even though I work out at home… But it’s such a nice feeling to be sweating your butt out in beautiful clothes… 🙂 I almost can say I training better when I wear my cool workout clothes.

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