Skin Deep

When Mrs. Woodhouse, my sixth grade science teacher informed the class that the skin is our largest organ, I was in disbelief. I thought organs had to be inside the body. Being a sensitive and complex organ, the skin must be handled with TLC. Since about the age of fifteen, I have suffered from acne breakouts. These breakouts have ranged from mild to moderate. I would typically treat them with excessive washing with a soap containing benzyl peroxide or sulfur, followed by a topical ointment or cream also with benzyl peroxide. This would work for my adolescent and young adult skin, but as I grew older, this method would irritate my skin and leave me with a dry, dull complexion.  I had to think of a new method to treat my acne.  Currently I stand at the corner of zit avenue and crows feet drive. A difficult intersection to be in. How does one treat acne and wrinkles? After much research, I discovered how to treat my acne-prone skin without the use of harsh, drying chemicals.

My Secrets to clearer, smooth skin:

  1. In attempt to treat acne and wrinkles as a woman in her 40’s, number one is finding a good cleanser. A lot of the medicated soaps I previously used would be too drying and irritating for aging skin. So, I had to find a gentle, yet effective cleanser. Currently, I use a simple, non-perfume, non-abrasive cleanser called Spectro Gel for blemish prone skin. I wash my face twice per day, once when I wake up and then before bed. I always make sure to wash my face from sweat and grim immediately after my gym sessions and never go to bed with make-up on.

991155-1 photo source

2.  Next, I found a toner I just adore. It is inexpensive, effective and very smelly. It is none other than pure, organic apple cider vinegar. First, I had to find a strength of ACV toner that worked right for my skin composition. Using it full strength was too abrasive, so now I mix one part ACV to one part distilled water. I simply saturate a cotton ball and gently rub all over my face. It burns, it tingles, you may smell like a pickled onion, but it is amazing for drying out blemishes and fading dark spots. If using ACV,  ensure you test the appropriate strength with water to ACV ratio to suit your skin sensitivity.img_05463.  Following my cleansing and toning, I apply a moisturizer that works well for me.  I am currently using Spectro gel anti-blemish moisturizer. It is gentle and does not clog my pores and does not have a greasy feel when applied.

spectro-hydracare-daily-facial-moisturizer-140-ml-blemish-prone-skin-600x600photo source

4.  Now that summer is upon us. I have to use the right sunscreen for UV protection. I really like Neutrogena clear face sunscreen.  I find that is does not cause breakouts, and leaves my skin so supple and smooth when I wash it off. Sunscreen, a hat and glasses are an absolute must to prevent sun spots, damage and aged looking skin.

300photo source

5.  Last but certainly not least, eat well.  Greens, greens and more greens. Everyday I will eat a spinach salad, kale or steamed broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I have cut out sugar from tea and coffee and have reduced white sugar in general and replaced this with fresh fruits and vegetables. Water is also a huge part of my diet. Since drinking at least two litres per day, my skin is looking and feeling a lot healthier as the water flushes the toxins from my body.  Each morning I start my day with a tepid, infused water concoction of lemon wedges and loose leaf Chinese green tea leaves.  If starting the day with lemon water, always ensure you wash the skin of the lemon thoroughly to remove bacteria and germs.


IMG_1428Now, I feel much more confident to leave the house without cover up since my skin’s health has improved and this visible organ is looking and feeling a lot smoother and clearer. I still have a few blemishes on my chin, but they have since begun to fade.

You truly are what you eat and this will reflect not only in mind, body and spirit, but also in the look of your biggest organ.

What are your clear skin secrets?








6 thoughts on “Skin Deep

  1. I love all of your skin care ideas. I’ve never heard of Spectro, but it looks great! I also want to try the ACV trick. What a good idea! I love vinegar and think it’s amazing. I know all about dealing with zits and wrinkles at the same time. Oy.

    1. It is such a pain, I tell you! Most of the products for acne are just too harsh. That’s what I love about the Spectro line; gentle but effective. ACV is a miracle worker. I love it too.

  2. Spectro is definitely the key.

    I have been using it for over 10 years and is hands down the only product I use to clean my face (and I’m a guy who really is not picky).

    Also, try eating food or supplementing with Silica and/or beta-carotene!

    I would love to provide more info if you are interested; I have seen first hand the results of good skin care with proper (and easy!) nutrition.

    Great post!!


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