Plan for Your Success

I was gathering up my belongings in the gym locker room after my workout, when I saw a woman I once attended Insanity class with. She paid me a nice compliment and said she noticed how fit I look. I’ll take that!  I commented her on how much weight she has lost and how great she looked. She then went on to tell me that she has lost 22 pounds. I asked her how she did it, the intense sweat-fest that is Insanity aside. She said if she could advice anyone on losing weight, the most effective tip that she could offer would be cutting back on portion sizes. As we parted ways, and she hurried off to reserve her bike in the spin studio, I wondered, what would be my most effective tip to offer someone to meet their fitness goals? Time spent being physically active, as well as what you are eating is imperative for success. I think my most important tip would be prep your meals in advance. Plan for success. Just think about it. If we want to do well on an exam what do we do? We plan for success. We study, we review our notes, we prepare. I approach clean eating in the same manner. I make a list for the grocery store and stick to it, thinking of all the fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy and lean meats I need to succeed. If I am making salmon, asparagus and sweet potato for dinner, that is what I buy. The same can be said for lunches. Usually on Sunday nights, I will make a large batch of something to divide into containers for the week. It may be turkey chili, spaghetti squash or a thin crust pizza. My vegetables and fruit are cut up and divided in containers each night. My yogurt or boiled egg whites are in containers ready to go the next day. Does it seem like a lot of work? Yes, it can be, but once you get into the habit of food prepping it only becomes easier.  Most importantly, it may very well prevent you from lining up at the nearest fast food joint. This is not only beneficial to your waist line, but also to your wallet.

IMG_1532IMG_1535IMG_1540Bi9qWuRIMAAGz2CIMG_1539And tomorrow’s lunch and snacks are good to go!

IMG_1541What would be your ultimate success tip for fitness progression?


11 thoughts on “Plan for Your Success

  1. Love prepping the food in advance! That really makes a huge difference esp when it comes to lunchtime in the workplace. Tilapia/salmon, veggies, spaghetti squash are constant staples on my list.

  2. I agree! Prepping is a great way to ensure you’re getting in all the nutrients you need (in a yummy way). My tip for fitness progression is to post motivational pictures/ text wherever necessary 🙂

    1. Thank you. It was quinoa, sautéed vegetables and ground, lean chicken. (my big batch for the week.) Prepping is so crucial to me or baaaad things can happen on the spur of the moment.

  3. I love it, prepare for success! My success tip is usually consistency. Sticking with it no matter what. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to keep trying. I dare anyone to show me someone who has been working hard on fitness for several years without going through periods of giving up who hasn’t had good success.

    1. Consistency absolutely is key. I used to be the type of person who only looked at the immediate external results and if I didn’t see them instantaneously I would stop trying. Now I see fitness as a whole package, mental and physical well being, as well as not just looking strong, but feeling strong and building stamina. Gotta keep on keeping on! Thanks for your tip.

      1. Absolutely! Once you fall in love with the process instead of just results you are golden.

  4. Crockpots are my diet secret! The flavors intensify as they slow-cook, so I avoid using excess salt and oils in all of my crockpot dishes. Plus, there is VERY little you need to do and you have a hot, tasty meal waiting for you after a long day at work and a trip to the gym.

    My healthy weeknight go to:
    * One jar of Salsa
    * One pounds of any lean meat (chicken, boneless pork, beef, etc)
    * 1/2 bag frozen onions (fresh is best, of course, but the frozen kind is quick and easy!)
    * 1/2 bag frozen mushrooms
    * 4 tbsp chili powder (I like spicy!)
    * 1 cup water (if you’re letting the dish cook on LOW all day like I do, you’ll want to add water to keep it from concentrating TOO much and burning)

    When I get home the house smells like a fancy Mexican Cantina! I normally stir in a can of low sodium black beans and serve it over salad (Taco Salad, anyone) with a sprinkle of low fat cheese and a dollop of sour cream… or eat it all on its own!

    1. That sounds heavenly. Thanks so much for sharing your prepping tips and this recipe. Now I know I have to buy a crock pot. It would make prepping easier and tastier.

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