In a DC Minute

I was in Washington for what seems like a flash in time. In a quick spin, I was taking pictures of the White House, touring Capitol Hill and the Congressional Library and now I’m back home. I traveled with a steelpan band that Andy often plays with at a Toronto church, and they were invited to DC with the band to play with an affiliated DC church on Sunday. Friends and family of church members were also invited along on the trip so I did not pass up on the opportunity. I have never been to DC before this trip, but in a nutshell, it is a beautiful city. The artistry and intricate design of the district area buildings show that this is indeed a historical city. The weather was also very pleasant with temperatures hovering around the mid 60’s. Outside church obligations, we were able to go on the tour of Capitol Hill, walk around the city, and take a few photos of the White House. No, Obama Sightings. Darn! I would have loved to see the MLK memorial and the National Cathedral. I hear the mosaics of the stained glass windows in the catherdral, as well as Gothic architecture is something to see.   I enjoyed the tour of Capital Hill, which gave me a better insight of American history and political practices. DC also really made me crave a good run. Runners are everywhere to be seen, jogging along historical paths in the balmy spring weather. I wanted to lace up and join in, I was itching for an outdoor run so badly.  It is clearly a healthy city, where salad and juice bars, gyms and running paths are in abundance. Speaking of health, my eating plan went out the window and spiraled in the wind somewhere between Maryland and Pennsylvania Avenue. Road trips (for me) are not conducive to clean eating. In retrospect, I should have packed some protein bars and nuts with dried fruit, but I didn’t. I still do not have road trips down to a fine art, and usually eat whatever is available on the route. En route being plenty of fried chicken and biscuits, chips, candy bars, and various “car snacks” at gas station pit stops. There are limited choices at truck stops when you’re famished. We stayed at the Comfort Inn, and the breakfast bar was just okay. Well, a set back, but the good news is that damage is now under control. Here are a few photos from my trip. Hope you enjoy!

Dinner with the Obama's today :)
Dinner with the Obama’s today 🙂
Did I see little Melia or Sasha peeping out one of those windows?

Driving pass the Potomac River:

IMG_2218Capitol Hill. What a gorgeous day:

IMG_2235IMG_2237IMG_2243The Botanical Gardens:

IMG_2232IMG_2226I just had to take this photo praising coffee on the tour. See, coffee is good for you.

IMG_2227The Congressional Library:

IMG_2253On Monday, we were able to make a shopping trip to an outlet mall in Leesburg, where I found a pair of Skeechers Sport cross trainers. I have been eying these, but they are very costly here at home. Skeechers in general are expensive here. I got them for half the price. What a score. Good ol’ US of A! Aaand….you get a choice of two laces, grey or blue.

IMG_1500Now, it’s back to work in the gym. I can’t wait to get back at it. We also came back home to way too much of this and it’s still falling:

IMG_1501Something tells me that we are not in Virginia anymore, Dorothy. (insert sad sigh here.)

Before I look out my window and cry, I just wanted to mention one more DC shout out. I wanted to visit Allison, blogger at Wicked Healthy Washingtonian for a chat, meal demonstration at her job, or lunch at one of her fave eateries, but again no time. Egads!  I was also kind of hoping I could convince her to take me to the local Trader Joes. I have been following her adventures, recipes, travels, musings and workout news for a while. If you want healthy recipes and want to get to know the DC area some more, be sure to click on the link and head on over. She’s a lovely young lady and her blog is fantastic fun.

Ok, peace out, peeps!


2 thoughts on “In a DC Minute

  1. What a fun trip! I’ve only been to DC once, but I loved it! There are so many things to see there and I would love to go back. I also loved how clean the city and the subway system was. I love your cute shoes too! I love a good deal!

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