Hard Candy in Toronto

Hard Candy is here in our fair city. Not the assorted flavoured, cavity causing, wrapped in cellophane kind, but Madonna’s new gym. Why she chose Toronto over an American city to launch her gym I have not a clue. I would have expected Madge to open her health facility in New York, LA, Miami or Chi-town, but Toronto? Sure the T-Dot is a great city, but it hardly compares with the major U.S playgrounds. Toronto seems like a virgin in comparison…touched for the very first time. (oh I am having fun with this post!) Oooooo, I know!  Maybe she has a hot new Canadian boy toy. One never knows with that Madge. Can I still call her Madge now that she no longer lives in London? I think the name suits her. Whatever the reason, I think it’s great publicity for Toronto and if any celebrity should be the face and $$$$ behind a trendy gym, it should be Madge. I think she is takes health, wellness and clean eating very seriously and is passionate about maintaining an active lifestyle judging from that banging bod and dewy glow to her skin. Seriously, I don’t think she’s had much work done. Sure maybe the odd tweakie here and there, but she still looks quite natural without that plastic doll face look.

Now, back to Hard Candy. The  42,000 square foot facility boasts state of the art equipment and studios as well as the most current group classes in Yoga, cardio, core and strength training. I’m currently trying to convince my sister Francine to pretend we are “researching gyms” for membership and ask for a tour. I can meet Francine downtown after work, since she works fairly close to the area. I am certain that membership is not cheap, but papa don’t preach! (fun, fun, fun.) We may seem a tad incongruous as we reek of suburbia, but I think we can pull off the look of trendy, urban ladies if we tried, like really tried. I will definitely have to trade in my Just Do It sweatpants with the holes in the knees for more current workout attire and Francine will finally have to pretend she knows how to work her android. I love my Just Do It sweatpants though. They do a great job of masking the evil saddlebag twins. I’m pretty certain only VIP Lulus grace the gym floor with the latest in workout gadgets attached to their taut bodies.  We are surely not material girls living in a material world. (yup, still having fun.)  Madge herself will be gracing Hard Candy Toronto with her hard body on February 11th for the official launch. Whatever reason made you pick Toronto, Madge girl, it’s kind of cool that you did.

Nope not this kind of hard candy. Toronto has plenty of these:

Hard_candy2This is what I am talking about:

20131031-hardcandyfitness590-08photo source

Additional Source: To learn more about Hard Candy, click here.


6 thoughts on “Hard Candy in Toronto

  1. Wow, that gym sounds amazing and how fun that it came to Toronto! I would definitely go over and ask for a tour. I think Madonna looks amazing too. She is in such great shape!

  2. OMG Lmao! This was a screach to read! Way better “article” than the one I just read today in Sweat Equity (Dec/Jan). They should’ve printed yours instead! You and your sis should go ~ vogue it in there! ~ and check it out and give us the scoop! 😉

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