How Good is Your Morning?

It was Saturday morning at 6:03am. I woke up to use the washroom, groggy as per usual. I took at peep out my living room window en route. There they were, at it again. Although it was still dark, their neon gear could still be seen. The Running Room Club, pounding the pavement in cool, easy strides. A shiver made me hug myself. “How do they do it?”  I grumbled to myself on the way to the bathroom. Nobody, nobody could make me leave my snug, warm bed at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to run. In minus -14, on a Saturday morning much less.  I love exercise as much as the next guy, but at this ungodly hour? I am in complete awe of those crazy dedicated bloggers who are up at 4:00 am to fit in a run or get to the gym before work. Again, I ask, “how do they do it?”

Judging from the above paragraph, it can be said that I am not a morning person. Never have been. I wake up feeling very lackluster, lethargic and generally blah. I love my sleep, and I do go to bed at a decent hour. Usually around 10:00pm on a weekday. I will read a book in bed until I fall asleep. When the alarm goes off at 6:45am, I reach over and press snooze, squeezing in every last second under the covers. I do not feel energized until I arrive at work, because there is no longer time to be groggy with my little sweetie pies and their smiling faces to wake me up.  I stumble out of bed, usually with this attitude between the hours of 7 to 8 am:


On a positive note, since eating well and exercising, I am feeling a little less like Grumpy Cat. (but isn’t he so cute…and vicious looking?) Now I try to wake up with a routine in mind, that looks like this:

1. I have stopped pressing snooze, and make a gentle exodus from the bed, ready to embrace the day.

2. I get my Yoga mat and head for the living room to do a stretch. I do this on my own or with a little help from Keith Cooke. His Tai Chi energizer is a wonderful way to wake and stay up. Lemme tell ya’ ladies, Mr. Cooke is very easy on the eyes. Even if you can’t open them this early.


3. I may also take a few squeezes from this ball to jolt me into the reality of morning.

IMG_14064. I head to the washroom to commence my morning ablutions. I am feeling better already. I am pretty low maintenance and this takes about 20 minutes. The hardest part is taming my wild bed head. Now, I sleep in a “lovely” night-cap so that makes hair adjustments easier in the morning. Not the prettiest looking thing but, it’s a time-saver. Isn’t Andy a lucky guy?

5. After I am washed and brushed, coffee is needed. Over morning coffee, I read my positive affirmations, and my grateful for list.

6. I eat a hearty breakie. I must start the day with fuel. Usually this is on the menu:


7. I watch a little bit of the morning news before heading out the door. Thankfully I live very close to my job. No waiting for the train or at the bus stop anymore. It is a hop and skip or 10 minute commute.

8. Now if I lived on a beach somewhere in the tropics, I think waking up to this would be a little easier:

Cancun at 6:30am. When I didn't mind waking up to take a walk on this white stuff.
Cancun at 6:30am. When I didn’t mind waking up to take a walk on this white stuff.

If you can’t bring Mohammed to the mountain, pretend you’re at the mountain. I often look at this picture of a Mexican Rivera sunrise each morning and give a long, deep sigh. Believe me, it helps.

There you have it in a nutshell. My new and improved anti-Grumpy Cat mornings (but isn’t he so cute…and vicious looking?)  Just a little tip to make your mornings happier, and to avoid the stressful rush. Prepare your lunch(es), sign permission slips for school trips and whatever else you can in the evening before bed instead of the morning of. This frees up time to stretch, give yourself or the kiddies a good breakfast and enjoy the morning.

I love mornings, but you still will never find me in neon tights in 20 below zero at 6 am on a Saturday morning. I don’t love mornings that much.

Buenos Dias! (Yes, I’m still pretending I’m in Mexico.)  Tell me, do you embrace those mornings, or are you a bit of a Grumpy Cat?


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