2014 Progress Photos and “Just Doing it!”

I can’t believe that January is almost over. Is it just me or is time flying by fast? How are those fitness goals and resolutions going? Hopefully, nobody’s new exercise equipment has become a place to hang dry your delicates. If you have given up, threw in the towel on a healthy lifestyle, please get back in the game. Results take time, patience and consistency, so move that sweater off your new Bowflex, treadmill or whatever apparatus you were using and keep at it.  You will get there. At the risk of sounding like those cliche FB and Twitter posts, eat clean and train mean.

Meal prepping is a lot of work, but it is something I must continue with to keep on track. I try to incorporate various leafy greens to my menu. So far, I have bought swiss chard, collard greens, bok choy and kale. This week I plan to make kale chips with my salmon. Andy loves using celery stocks in his cooking and buys them regularly. I am not a fan of celery, but cut up in small sticks with a little hummus dip, I have them as a regular snack. I did have the odd slip up here and there (damn you chocolate clusters!) but it was very minor and in moderation, so no operation Tigress damage was done.

My fitness plan is still challenging and going great. Those drop sets are killing me, but so very effective. I have also been doing cardio style drills with the NTC app. (Nike Training Coach.) I count this as my leg day because the drills I follow are full of a variety of squat and lunge exercises, as well as burpees, knee highs, and jumping jacks. I bring the app to work too so we can do the drills after school. Leslie will put the tablet under the projector machine in the library and the images appear enlarged on the smart board. Your music will even sync up with the app to accompany you during the workout. It’s easy, user-friendly, mobile and fun. So as Nike says in their famous slogan, “just do it!”

The 30 minute Shredder, found on the NTC app
The 30 minute Shredder, found on the NTC app

These are some photos I asked Andy to take today.  I will take more progress photos to track any changes in about three months from now.


Current Measurements:

Shoulder Width from cap to cap: 17 inches
Lat span/width: 14 inches

I am only Measuring these two body parts because they are the most difficult to track any progress visually and I am really honing in on making these features broader looking.

This Week’s Workouts:

Monday: Chest and back
Tuesday: NTC cardio (no more than 30 minutes)
Wednesday: Biceps and Triceps and Kundalini Yoga
Thursday: NTC cardio
Friday: Shoulders
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Light recovery exercises for wrist and rotator cuff and core conditioning.

Time to pack tomorrow’s lunch, baked tilapia fillet with a salad of goat cheese, arugula, cucumbers and fresh berries.


Have a wonderful week!


19 thoughts on “2014 Progress Photos and “Just Doing it!”

  1. You look amazing and will only get better! I have been so busy with life and kids – I am going back to some frozen meals with salads and fruit. Its a meal plan…not perfect but it does help keep on track. The NTC is something I haven’t heard of, but might have to check it out!

    1. Thanks so very much. It’s always a struggle, but I am really pushing myself these days. At least you are meal planning and that’s great. Check out the app. It’s something you could do right in your family room while the boys are watching television or playing

  2. Photos are a great way to track and you look great already. And kale chips…YUM! Love them as a snack. I love celery with almond butter or even just a little hot sauce…Probably the last one is a bit weird haha Keep it up!!

  3. I agree with you, January is flying by! You look wonderful and it sounds like your meal planning and fitness plan are going so well. Congrats! I hope you get the results you’re looking for! Oh, and I’m a sucker for chocolate clusters too. YUM!

  4. Girl…you are to cute!! I’ve lost 83lbs. It’s taken me 3 years because I can’t exercise. I did it with low carb. That picture of your lunch….I would pass out to eat such a little amount of food. How do you do that or am I a heavy eater? I’m always hungry! Eating right is hard for me. Your lunch looks so healthy.

    1. Thanks! Congratulations on your weight loss. 83 pounds?? What an amazing achievement. I find protein keeps me pretty full, but I do eat all “brown” carbs, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta and quinoa. Thanks for commenting.

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