Just What the Doctor Ordered

I am officially a meal prepping, veggie cutting, protein shake and water drinking fool once again and it feels great. I don’t think I want to look at another cookie, Ferrero Roche or Lindt chocolate anytime soon. My meals and “eats” as they say in bloglandia look like this thus far this week:

Breakfast Options:

– Oatmeal with fresh blueberries
– Egg white and spinach omelet
– Wheat-a-bix/All Bran cereal mix with half a banana or pear slices on top. (boy does this pairing clean the old pipes if ya’ know what I mean.)

Lunch Options:

– Thin crusted veggie and goat cheese pizza
– Tuna spinach salad, with boiled egg whites on top.
– Salmon and steamed broccoli and cauliflower

Dinner Options:

– Grilled chicken breast with brown rice and green salad
– Tuna Stir fry
– General Tso’s low sodium broccoli and chicken
– Turkey Chili
– Vegetarian lasagna

Snack Options: pre-workout

– Mango slices
– Vegetables with humus
– Almonds
– Greek Yogurt
– 1/2 apple bran or oat bran muffin (my friend has a healthy recipe for these that I will post.)
– Small apple with a couple of slices of light cheese.
– Goji berry energy drink from Healthy Planet

Post Workout:

A protein shake. This one is great tasting and low in sugar:

IMG_1384Moderation is still my motto, and if I have a craving from time to time, I will indulge a little without over doing it as to avoid binges. Having said that, NO WINE BEFORE IT’S TIME! I am not drinking until the next big celebration. My wine fund will now be my protein drink fund.

I mentioned before that I am following this lady’s plan. First, can I just say, I want to look like this when I’m fifty:

ejVYgHePiGewwiXSLghXwZLBlJwrZxILYnlP-610xhThis is the lovely Dr. Lynn. I found her blog via WordPress a few months ago, and I have been a follower ever since. Not only does she look great, she is a very encouraging person. She has shown me that fifty does not mean frumpy-dumpy time with elastic waist pants, but quite to the contrary. Like so many other bloggers, she has confirmed my personal belief that weight lifting is the answer to finding the fountain of youth.  I asked via her blog if I could contact her regarding my training queries and she I emailed her response during my holidays about my T-Rex woes (what else is new? More T-Rex lamentations from yours truly.) Not only was her email informative with helpful hints about pushing your body to the next level and not being afraid of heavy lifts, but she was very positive and encouraged me to not give up. However, it is never easy sailing and hard work is required.

Here is a sample of the program I am following. This is bicep/triceps day.  The drop sets had my muscles on fire by the final round.

IMG_1382From this plan, I realized that I was not truly pushing myself to meet my full potential. My workouts were becoming a bit rushed and stale. I played it safe by seeking out programs that were not “too advanced”, and used excuses to avoid hard work. I always convinced myself that an extra set was not necessary.  I tend to have a predilection for leg day, and always pushed myself to work my legs because they are strong and I enjoy the challenge. My upper body is a different story. Above my waist is weak, so I think I was intimidated to thoroughly challenge my upper body. The day following the chest and back workout, I felt an upper body soreness that I have not felt in a long while. My lats ached as I reached up to shampoo my hair and it felt great. I am so excited that I feel as though I have started all over again. I feel revived. The journey continues.

*I am not a certified fitness professional. It is always advisable to consult a personal trainer or medical doctor before starting any exercise program. Physical limitations and safety must always be considered first and foremost.*


9 thoughts on “Just What the Doctor Ordered

  1. Would you like to come and food prep for me? I need to get back into doing that. I have been loving dried mango slices recently, so delicious. And lifting weights is the only thing that has helped transformed my arms from flabby to ones that don’t shake when they move haha! Weight-lifting gets a bad rep amongst women I think, but I really enjoy it, and it doesn’t make anyone look like a man or lose their femininity. It drives me crazy when people ask me why I lift and if I’m worried about what it will do to my physique as a woman.

    1. Hi Leslee. Food prepping is a pain, but it really works to keep me on track. That myth about looking too manly is my pet peeve. I totally agree with you on that. I think it’s the best way to transform the body. I try other forms of exercise, but I always return to weights.

  2. Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your diet and exercise plan. It looks awesome! All of your food sounds heavenly too. That Dr. Lynn looks incredible. I can’t believe she’s 50! Amazing.

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