Trex to Tigress Tidbits- New Year’s Edition

IMG_2184 I hope everyone had a very happy new year. I usually stay home in my PJ’s on the couch to watch the peach or ball drop on New Year’s Eve, but this year I went to a celebration. Not just any celebration, but my cousin Rachael’s wedding at Toronto’s historical Berkley Church downtown. I love the look of old buildings in the city. The exposed brick, piping hanging down from the ceiling, stained glass windows and classic stone fireplaces added something classic to this winter wedding.  The fact that the couple exchanged vows on New Year’s Eve really gave the ceremony feelings of new beginnings and great things to come in 2014. Here are photos from the wedding:

Rachael and Scott say, "I do."
Rachael and Scott say, “I do.” Sorry about the grainy quality, but I was high above watching from the balcony.



From left, Andy, me, sister Camille, her partner Glenn, sister Fran and her hubby Rick.
From left, Andy, me, sister Camille, her partner Glenn, sister Fran and her hubby Rick.
I think my crazy sis Camille (on right) and crazier cousin Margot love red wine more than I do!
I think my crazy sis Camille (on right) and crazier cousin Margot love red wine more than I do!
Let the par-tay commence! Scott and Rachael step in the name of love.
Let the par-tay commence! Scott and Rachael step in the name of love.
Beautiful bride Rachael and I want a peaceful 2014.
Beautiful bride Rachael and I want a peaceful 2014.
Andy and I
Andy and I

Over the holidays, Andy and I visited this street a few blocks down from where we live. The residents go all out getting their homes ready for Christmas and have a “best lights and most festive house” contest where the mayor of the city chooses the winner. I’m talking about life-size Santas, nutcrackers, snowmen, and Grinch’s galore, in addition to the amazing lights. The last day to see the display is New Year’s Day before the home owners start to take down the lights and such. Anyone can come and tour the street. All you have to do is donate a non-perishable item to the daily bread food bank. Here is a taste of what I’m writing about:

Can you imagine taking this down? It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it!

Now, let’s talk fitness, please. I love Christmas, but I am happy the chaos is over and I can get back to some sense of normalcy? Does anyone else feel the same way? I started back at the gym on December 26th. My first workout was a leg day, the second was shoulders and 20 minutes of cardio training and the third was a killer back routine. I have changed up my routine (yes again) and it is that more intense. More sets, heavier weights along with super sets, drop sets and pyramids. I emailed bodybuilder Dr. Lynn, and she gave me some great tips and an intense program to follow, but I think I am ready for it. For further information on Dr. Lynn and to visit her inspiring blog click here.

Since it is the new year, and I’m not the resolution type, I have devised a list of stop, start and continue:


-Making excuses to skip a workout
-Listening to those excuses
-Only relying on the treadmill machine for cardio, and remember to utilize the rowing machine.
-Using the weekends to indulge in wine. (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a new year so I’m allowed to affirm it.)


-Using this great new app called Workit primarily for cardio. All you do is chose your form of exercise, customize your workout and click on a time to customize the length of the workout.


-Keeping a food journal to ensure I am consuming what I need to meet my goals.
-Have a meatless day.


-Doing Kundalini Yoga once a week.
-Heavy lifting, protein and patience!
-Do only two days per week of cardio training (this would include any 10K training.)
-Drinking two litres of water per day

On another note, a huge thank-you to all your well wishes during my helluva flu bug. Each comment warmed my heart and soul. I never expected the blogging community to be so encouraging, uplifting and warm when I started Trextotigress. That was surely a serendipity and added bonus to blogging.  Wishing each and every one of you nothing but happiness, prosperity and of course health in 2014. I follow such wonderful foodies, body builders/weight trainers, runners, and over all fitness enthusiasts. Let’s have a big ROAR to all our 2013 goals and achievements as we embrace exciting things to come in 2014 for us all. Don’t mean to get all Tiny Tim on y’all, but I can’t help myself. God bless us, everyone! You’re the best!

Now I’m off to the gym in my building. My feet are aching from all that dancing in heels. I think I am much more of a running shoes person than a heels person.


8 thoughts on “Trex to Tigress Tidbits- New Year’s Edition

  1. Love the sound of your program and your lists. I think the “stop doing” and “start doing” is a great idea. All too often we only focus on what we want to accomplish not on what we need to start and stop doing to get there!

  2. That wedding looked beautiful and I love that it was on New Year’s Eve! So fun. I can’t believe all the lights on that street too! What a fun place to visit. I wish you the best of luck with your New Year Goals…that app looks like a fun one!

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