The Iceman Cometh

I was just outside today admiring the beauty of the ice storm of 2013. The trees sparkle like diamonds in the glisten of the sunlight from being coated in ice. When I hear about yet another car skidding in a ditch, accident on the roads due to black ice, or a branch falling on a car or power line, I remember that although the aftermath looks beautiful, an ice storm can be deadly. What I find especially scary is when the traffic lights are out, and you must note all intersections as a four-way stop. Some people barely acknowledge regular stop signs as a four-way stop, so this can be rather confusing and dangerous when people just plow through the intersections without coming to a stop.

The Beauty:

IMG_1324The Danger:


We were without power for 48 hours, and it was not easy. Freezing cold water, freezing cold condo and worrying about all your Christmas shopping in the fridge that could go bad can be quite disconcerting. However, in the slight inconvenience of being without power, I experienced the true joy and meaning of the season, folks looking out for each other in times of need. Since Andy and I don’t have a balcony, my neighbour Jean stored all our meat and dairy in a cooler on her balcony to prevent it from spoiling. My other neighbour Franka does not have a cell phone and our land lines were dead. Andy and I extended the use of our cellphones so she could contact her family and let them know she was okay. The only area in the building with power was the common areas/shared facilities. In the party room, building residents brought coffee makers, kettles, tea bags and snacks. We all joined in the party room in true communal style living. Since there was hot water in the gym locker room area, we were able to shower. After midnight, still without power in our suites, we residents stayed in the party room, enjoying each other’s company, singing Christmas carols, and enjoying a glass of wine and eggnog donated by our super (super indeed!) I felt as though I was in a Dickens classic tale or something. The fiesta really got started when Suzie, a lady on the seventh floor brought down some noise makers and her ukulele. Luckily, Andy knew a few chords on the four string and could accompany our caroling.

When without power, have a party with neighbours:

Andy strumming along to "Silver Bells."
Andy strumming along to “Silver Bells.”

It was not until 2:00am, after watching more of the news on the party room TV (and more slightly off tune caroling) that the reporter announced most areas would not get power restored possibly until Christmas Day. Something about our laughter, camaraderie and plans to gather again tomorrow told me that we were going to be okay regardless of the power being restored.

At 4:00pm today, I could finally light my wee Charlie Brown tree as power was restored. The candles went away and the lights came on. Unfortunately there are approximately 90,000 people in the city and surrounding areas still without power. They are in my thoughts and prayers today.

On the Fitness Front:

Oh how I miss you, bench. See you soon.
Oh how I miss you, bench. See you soon.

My strength is coming back bit by bit and I enjoyed full and healthy meals today. My rib is still sore, so I may not start exercising until a few days more of rest. Later I will enjoy visiting friends and family and the Christmas Eve service at church.

Wishing each and everyone of you a blessed, happy and healthy holiday season.

Trex to tigress will be back in 2014, continuing on her fitness journey to a balanced body and a balanced life. I am not looking forward to my first push-up….hello T-Rex!


10 thoughts on “The Iceman Cometh

  1. I miss the beauty in winter. Thanks for sharing! Love the icicles on the trees. What a lovely neighborhood to seek and find comfort and joy. That’s awesome….and probably the upside to this “dilemma”! Some things happen for a reason :^) Stay positive!

  2. This so reminds me of the horrible tornado season two years ago, when we lost power for 7 days. It was so joyful to see kids playing in yards and families having huge grilling block parties to cook all of the food that would go bad. As you stated above, neighbors looking out for one another. Times like this remind me of the good in our world. I’m glad you are good and safe and I think you for also reading my blog.

    1. It is my pleasure. Thoroughly enjoy your blog. Seven days without power? That is like a few poor people here. Makes me think, what the heck did we do before cell phones and Internet? People actually take the time to converse.

      Wishing you a lovely season.

  3. What a tough time to be without power! I love that all your neighbors came together and enjoyed the time with each other though. That’s so great. I’m also glad to hear you’re feeling better!

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