May the Long Time Sun

At the end of each Yoga class, we lie flat on our backs, close our eyes, relax our bodies and give our fingers and toes a wiggle. All tension is supposed to be released, and the lights become dim. Tenille will play the Longtime Sunshine song, and complete relaxation is encouraged. When I first heard this song, I was intrigued with the hauntingly beautiful voice of the songstress, as well as the lyrics. I felt as a baby may feel from the comforting voice of a mother’s lullaby and at times had to do everything I could to prevent myself from falling asleep right then and there. It is a mantra so moving, and so intoxicating, I wanted to share it with you. After doing some research, I discovered the singer’s name is Snatam Kaur, a new age artist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner who studied in India.

When feeling stressed, or you simply want to wind down after a hectic day, take a few minutes to be lulled by Snatam’s soothing voice, the exotic sounds of the sitar and uplifted by her positive message. This is my wish to you.


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