Love Letter…

My Dear Rowing Machine,

How did I overlook you for so long? You’re sturdy, strong, easy on the eyes joints, effective and I guess not very popular at my gym judging from the fact that you’re always available. There is only one of you in the gym, but there is never a line up or waiting periods to use you. Why is this so, I wonder? You’re a great machine and I wish more people knew this. I too would walk pass you over to treadmill, or elliptical, never giving a second glance down to discover your seat was empty, and just waiting to be used. I’m so glad that one afternoon, treadmills and elliptical and stair climbers were occupied. Why are the good ones always taken? It’s cardio day for Pete’s sake! And then I saw you. Of all the gyms in the world, you row into mine. Our eyes meet across the busy gym floor. It seems as though time is still for a moment. The buzzing of machines, clinking of weights and chatter become silent. No feet in those straps, nobody in your seat as per usual. Lonely and available yet again. Then I decided, why not? I sat in your low chair, strapped my feet in your foot trays, grabbed the handles and started to row. Wow! I was sweating after a mere 7 minutes. As I rowed, I could feel my legs working and especially my lats. My back would be engaged and challenged, squeezing those lats with each row. I kept my abs tight, further working my core. Seven minutes turned into 40 minutes. My legs were burning, my brow dripping with sweat. Believe me rowing machine, (can I call you RM, now that we know each other on a more personal level?), you gave me a challenging strength and cardio workout. It’s the day after, and my back, biceps and quads are sore. I hope you’re the type to call the morning after. (wink, wink) You gave me a full body workout and especially challenged my T-Rex areas that need growth and areas that need to be leaner. Please, please forgive me for overlooking you, ignoring you, and doubting how good you are for me. Please give me a second chance. I promise not to cheat on you with treadmill….well not as often.  I know now that you can help me achieve my goals. You’re not very popular with the ladies, but you’re made of good stuff. Safe and reliable you. I love you, RM. You’re officially my new favorite machine. Can we meet again, say next Tuesday on cardio day? Same time, same place?

Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely. I have nobody to call my own.
Lonely, I’m Mr. Lonely. I have nobody to call my own.

For further information on safe and effective rowing, be sure to read this article

*I am not a certified personal trainer. It is important to consider safety and physical limitations before starting any new workout program and to check with your doctor if new to exercise. Always consult with a professional certified trainer if unsure about safety and form.*


15 thoughts on “Love Letter…

  1. This post is hilariously awesome haha I love the rowing machine too! I’m so happy you have discovered it’s wonderfulness!

    1. Thank-you. Rowing machine is so quiet and unassuming, but our time together is going great. Lol. I think I may take things to the next level…intervals. It really is such a challenging workout.

  2. I do dig the rowing machine too, but still have trouble keeping my bum awake on the seat for that long! I know I I’ve got a little jangle in my step as I walk away after a session…

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