What’s the Plan Stan?


Do you ever go to the gym, but have no idea what you’re going to do? Will I do cardio, weight training, perhaps a mix of both? Once in a while, usually between programs, I go to the gym with no workout in mind. I kind of dilly-dally around, go to the lounge, fool around on my playlist, flip through Us Weekly, or watch the news on the lounge TV for a bit before I even enter the gym floor. In essence, I’m wasting time. I’m wasting time because I have/had no plan and am trying to think of what I should be doing. The legs always need work, so do the shoulders, arms and back, but what shall I do? Okay, I’ll run on the treadmill while I mull it over…or return back to the lounge to finish that article in Us Weekly about Joanna Krupa’s dream wedding.  Counter-productivity at its best.

It was very evident that a firm plan means success and reaching your goals faster, when I read this post from Man Bicep’s Blog. A plan not only keeps us organized, but pushes us to do a complete workout and excel when the plan is written down in the form of a log, on your iPhone, or in some other mode. Another personal trainer, Andre U-Neek Mercury had this to say about planning your workouts and getting the most of your gym time:

some reasons why our bodies dont change the way we want them to is because we have no STRUCTURE, PLAN OR ROUTINE with our workouts. some of us just go to the gym with NO PLAN on what we want to do…and some of us come to the gym WITH A PLAN/ROUTINE, but the plan we have, DOESN’T MATCH OUR GOAL. most likely for the people that go in with no plan, tend to: NEGLECT CERTAIN BODYPARTS, GET INJURED, SEE SLOWER PROGRESS, OVERTRAIN MUSCLES because we just stick to what we know, and LOSE MOTIVATION because we’re seeing NO RESULTS & we dont have the KNOWLEDGE to REACH OUR GOALS.

when you have structure, guidance and a plan towards your goal, it WILL make your COMMITMENT LEVEL increase, make you more DISCIPLINED, see FASTER PROGRESS, DECREASE INJURIES & it will make you feel more CONFIDENT because you know when you step into that GYM, or CONDO or PAR…what you’re doing is guiding you to your ultimate goal!

every goal has a DIFFERENT APPROACH. you can’t train a certain way to gain 15LBS OF MUSCLE, the same way to LOSE 40LBS. you cant train a certain way to be more EXPLOSIVE in SPORT, the way same you’d train to RUN A 5K! though certain times in your journey to your goal, certain exercise and programs can similar at some point, they ALL have different routes of getting there!

keep training hard! just make sure you train SMART as well!

I plan the fastest route when driving. I plan what I am wearing to work the next day. I plan what to eat. My workouts should be no different. Train with a goal, train for success and always have a plan to get there.


10 thoughts on “What’s the Plan Stan?

  1. Keep working at it girl! What matters most is your consistency but also that you have that balance. As much as I la la love to RUN I know that I need strength training and the full shabang so I’m always working to improve. Always a work in progress. 🙂

  2. Never ever do I go to the gym without knowing what I’m going to do as in lift (even what body parts) or cardio or whatever. I’ve gone many times without knowing which lifts and done it on the fly, but definitely seem to have a better more intense workout if I go in with a plan. Sounds like you know what to do!

  3. Love this post! I’m always trying to change up my exercise routine. I was just thinking of a similar concept the other day, except with diets! We need to have a plan and change our diet according to the results we’re looking for. 😉

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