Things That go Bump in the Night.

We are merely weeks leading up to Halloween. (insert theme music from Psycho here and humor me please.) For me that means one thing, Fright Night. Fright Night involves watching scary movie classics till the wee hours. (insert Vincent Prices’ laughter here.)

Hopefully the night will look like this…..

800px-Magic_Fantasy_Space(insert wolf’s howl now. Scared yet? I am)

Unfortunately, I am the biggest scaredy cat, not exactly a tigress in this department. The least little sound makes me jump in my skin while watching Rosemary’s Baby. One night after hiding my eyes behind a blanket watching The Texas Chainsaw Masacre, I thought I heard the buzzing of a chainsaw all night outside. After watching The Exorcist, I had to sleep with my sister for one month. I was 25 at the time. After watching The Omen, pale little British boys with dark hair scared the living daylights out of me. Oh yes, and then there was Carrie. I have never, ever been a bully in high school, but this movie made me vow to NEVER be a bully. Carrie’s face, stained with pig’s blood and her bulging ice-blue eyes was an image that I did not easily forget. The thing is, I can’t keep away from the fright. I love the fright and it has become my Halloween ritual. I did ask Andy not to leave me alone for the entire Fright Fest. I do need an arm to squeeze during the horrifying scenes, you know.

Before the the terror commences, I will enjoy a hearty plate of spaghetti squash and steamed asparagus. Can’t be terrorized on an empty stomach, but I am going to keep it on the healthy.


On the roster of scary classics this year: (one last time, Vincent Prices’ Thriller laughter.)

Psycho. I may have to shower without a curtain for a few days after, but I won’t mind the extra mopping. Love this Alfred Hitchcock classic. Can’t watch the birds; too many pigeons in Toronto and I can’t avoid them.

The Dracula classic Nasfaratu. The large tree outside my window sometimes looks like Nasfaratu’s shadow at night with his long, curly fingers….(coming for me? I’m scared already.) I will just put some garlic by my window and sleep with rosary beads in hand.

"I vant to bite your neck, T-Rex."
“I vant to bite your neck, T-Rex.”


Rosemary’s Baby. I just can’t have Fright Night without this classic thriller. Problem is, I never do end up seeing the baby’s sinister eyes at the end when the neighbour says, “he has his Father’s eyes.” Can’t look. Too scared! The baby’s eyes can’t look any worse than Carrie White covered in pig’s blood though.

I won’t be staying at little “off road motels” like this one anytime soon:


So will end my night of gut-wrenching fear and I can’t wait. This is how I will most likely look all night:


Do you have any Halloween rituals? (one last insert, Vincent Price take us out with your laughter.)


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