Think Pink


Hello ladies. I am assuming that there will be no gents reading this post beyond the title. I found it so fitting that today I had my second mammogram during breast cancer awareness month. “My girls” “ta-ta’s” “boobies” or just simply breasts, were compressed, pulled, stretched and flattened all in the name of health. With the new mammogram technology it was much quicker and easier than the first time two years ago. The discomfort and very slight “ouchie” was well worth it to get the all clear or early detection and treatment.

After my mammo, I headed over the to the Second Cup for a, you guessed it, skinny pumpkin spiced latte. The technicians advice that caffeine increases discomfort during mammograms, so I was definitely coffee deprived today. Hence my bolt over to the Second Cup after it was done. Getting a mammogram done is extremely important if you are over 50, see any changes in the shape or texture of your breasts or feel an unusual lump on the breast, or in and around the lymph nodes of the armpits. As in my case, it was advisable by my MD to get a mammogram even before or at 40 due to possible predisposition to breast cancer. I got my first one done at 39. If you read this post, you may remember that my sister is a breast cancer survivor, so my doctor set up my examination before my big 4-0, but she advised that it all depends on your family history and genetics and each case is individual.  Your doctor should discuss the timing with you as mine did with me.

As a matter of fact, I hope that the gents do read this post. They may have a lady in their life that needs a gentle reminder to get this done.  It could save the life of a mom, aunt, wife, girlfriend, daughter, cousin, niece, grandmother, friend or sister.

Now, time to enjoy that latte….



4 thoughts on “Think Pink

    1. I didn’t know about that either until I read it on a pamphlet at the clinic. I asked the technician about it, and she said some women do report caffeine sensitivity. It actually said to abstain from caffeine for two weeks leading up to mammo, but I didn’t/couldn’t do that.

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