Desk Job Workout

I do not have a desk job; quite to the contrary. My day is spent wiping tears, putting band aids on boo-boo’s, helping to solve disputes such as, “So and so isn’t my friend anymore,” and doing the Hokie Pokie with 22 kindergarten children. There’s simply no time to sit for the large part of my day. Many people are sitting at work though, spending seven hours of their day behind a computer screen. Stiff joints, back pain and tired, sore shoulders from hunching over a desk too long are often common lamentations of the desk job employee.  I found a great workout posted at my gym that I wanted to share for those of you who may want to alleviate the above concerns, or just to simply partake in a mini workout to get the blood flowing while chained to the desk to meet your deadline.

The Sitting at my Desk Workout: 

Equipment Needed: A sturdy, secure chair, towel, light dumbbell or a water bottle.

Leg Extension: Sit tall with the abs engaged and extend the left leg until it is level with the hip, squeezing the quadriceps, but not locking out the knees. Hold for two seconds, lower and repeat for 16 reps. Repeat on the other side.

Inner Thigh: Place a towel or firm water bottle between the knees as you sit up tall with the abs engaged. Squeeze the bottle or towel with your inner thighs, release and squeeze again. Complete 16 reps of slow pulses.

Chair Exercises:

Chair Squat: While sitting, lift up until your hips are just hovering over the chair, arms out for balance. Hold for 2-3 seconds, stand all the way up and repeat for 16 reps.

Dips: Make sure that your chair is stable and sturdy and place hands next to hips. Move hips in front of chair and bend the elbows, lower the body until the elbows are at 90 degrees. Push back up to starting position without locking out the elbows. Repeat for 16 reps.

Upper Body Exercises:

Front Raise to Tricep Press: Sit tall with the abs engaged and hold a full water bottle in the left hand. Lift the bottle up to the shoulder level, pause, and then continue lifting all the up over the head. When the arm is tucked next to the ear, bend the elbow, taking the water bottle behind you and contracting the triceps. Straighten the arm and lower down, repeating for 12 reps on each arm.

Bicep Curl: Hold water bottle in right hand and, with abs engaged and spine straight, curl up bottle towards the shoulder for 16 reps. Be sure to keep the elbow tucked to your side as you curl the weight/bottle. Repeat the other side.

Ab/ Core Exercises:

Side Bends: Hold the water bottle or weight with both hands and stretch it up over the head, arms straight. Gently bend towards the left as far as you can, contracting the abs. Come back to centre position and repeat to the right. Complete for 10 reps (bending to the left and right is counted as one completed rep.)

Now, grab a coffee from the staff lounge and then get back to work.

If you've got to be chained here, at least fit a workout it.
If you’ve got to be chained here, at least fit a workout in.

Precaution:  Do not attempt this or any workout without first considering injuries, illnesses or other conditions. Safety and health must always be considered first and foremost. If unsure about a movement, consult with a professional fitness trainer. Ensure the chair you are using is stable enough for the exercises.



13 thoughts on “Desk Job Workout

  1. I sometimes wish I could get a calf machine to put under my desk and just do 1000 reps every day. Maybe then they would grow? haha

  2. I think all too often people forget to move at all from their hunched over position during the day. I had a client that set a timer on her computer to go off every hour so she had to get up and move no matter what.

    This is a great idea because it is quick and easy to do and at least makes you move from that hunched position!!!

  3. This is a great post. Humans are not meant to sit all day at a desk…crunched up…not moving. After severe neck pain – I started to stretch during the day and what do you know…I felt better. I have actually thought of buying one of those cheapo biking thingy. Just because…. =)

    1. Great comment. I can imagine how stretching helped with your neck pain. We are often so engrossed with getting our work done, that I think this leads to problems at the desk. There is no harm in getting up to walk, stretch or bend. We are definitely not made to sit and sit.

    1. I think so too. That is why I love the idea of companies that have gym facilities in the office building. I bet these employees are a lot more productive and happy.

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