Must Tries and Discoveries

I know you may think that I must live under a rock (well, I live in Canada so close enough), but there are certain things I never would have discovered had it not been for reading a plethora of fitness blogs. Here they are in no particular order.

1. Over night oats

(image found at

The only oats I have ever eaten is “the morning of oats.” The variety of over-night oats looks so delicious, that I must buy myself a crock pot asap.

2. Kombucha Tea.

Amanda Hansen. CEO of Mother Fern Kombucha Teas.
Amanda Hansen. CEO of Mother Fern Kombucha Teas.

The first time I heard of Kombucha was on the Real Housewives of Vancouver. Amanda Hansen was getting ready to launch her business of various Kombucha flavours, and gave the tea credit for helping to ward off her alcoholic cravings. Jody Claman was given the honor of tasting her first batch and described the concoction as, “smelling like stinky feet, but tasting delicious.” This is another must-try. I can plug my nose and drink at the same time. All the other health bloggers are doing it.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar.

img_0546I actually have heard of this, but if it weren’t for a particular blogger who claimed it helped her to clear up her acne, I never would have tried it. It does work wonders.

4. Chia seed recipes.

90px-Chia_seeds_bagI read about chia seed recipes out the ying-yang and can’t wait to try them. I didn’t know these little rascals were so versatile, from protein drinks, to salads, to oatmeal.

5. Spaghetti Squash.

120px-Spaghetti_Squash_cooked_and_prepared_2Looks nutritious and delicious, but a little time-consuming to prepare.

6. Trader Joes.

I wish Joe would trade a little more north. I mean, we have some good health food stores here, but Trader Joes looks like a true must-try.

7. Grumpy Cat.

(image source,
(image source,

I have never heard of this miserable little fur ball prior to reading fitness blogs. Boy is he a cutie, but oh so grouchy. Looks as though he would gouge your eyes out at the slightest thing.

8. “Challenges.”

thSeems that everyone man and his brother is doing some kind of fitness challenge. Squat challenge, ab challenge, burpee challenge, pat your head and rub your stomach challenge. I personally am not one to meet these challenges, but I applaud whoever can do this amount of squats.

9. Those roller thinga-ma-jiggy’s for stretching.

96px-HartschaumrolleI know, I know. It’s a very sheltered existence under a rock. However, in my defense, the first time I heard of this apparatus was from a fitness blogger. Excuse my ignorance, but I’m from the school of weighted bars and stability balls.

Sometimes I feel out of date and out of the loop, but I gain insight and have fun reading up on all the latest health and fitness trends. Now before my fellow Canadians get their Lululemon’s in a knot, I know living in Canada is nothing like living under a rock and that is an insensitive analogy. We are filled with bustling metropolitan cities, but I live in Pickering, a city outside of Toronto, so in short, under a rock. Kidding…kidding.


6 thoughts on “Must Tries and Discoveries

  1. You’ve got me so curious about RHOV! I am going to have to check it out – just found it on YouTube! That’s so cool that they have a Canadian version. Love kombucha and all of those things you mentioned. Today for some reason I’m craving spaghetti squash so think I will make it tonite!!

    1. These Vancouver ladies are as catty and dramatic as their U.S. counterparts. It’s only 2 seasons in, so you’re not far behind. Spaghetti squash looks so yummy. Maybe I will ask Andy to prepare it. Tee-hee.

  2. Ah I always forget you’re blogging from Canada! I love hearing about the cultural disconnects between here and there.

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