Swiss Chard Wraps

This time of year Ontario’s harvest is in full bloom, most local fruits and vegetables are ready for the picking. Whenever I visit my sister Francine and my brother-in-law Rick, I tend to raid their organic garden. Swiss chard is among my favorite picks from their backyard. This rich, leafy green is high in vitamins K and A.  When Rick and Francine came by to visit me last weekend for lunch, much to my delight they brought over the best hostess gift, a huge bag of swiss chard. I sautéed the chard on Saturday with olive oil, garlic and a dash of pepper instead of making a salad to go with our beef medallions. What can I say? Perfectly delicious. Yesterday, I made tuna salad in hopes of making a wrap for lunch after the gym. As I rummaged though the fridge, I realized I had no more flat tortillas for wraps. I was disappointed. You know how it is when you’re meal panning in your head and you have been looking forward to a particular meal for lunch or dinner and then you find out you’re missing an essential component? That’s how I felt….until I saw it. My big, bag of Swiss chard calling my name. It was as though the chard was saying, who needs bread? We can wrap around your tuna salad quite nicely too, so don’t neglect us for bread.

Tuna Swiss Chard Wraps:

  • Assemble your key ingredients for the tuna salad. For this recipe, I included finely chopped celery, finely chopped spring onions, a 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper. For this tuna salad, I also added fresh thyme (also courtesy of my lovely sis and bro-in-law):IMG_0972
  • Open your can of chunk light tuna in water. Drain water and place tuna into a dish/container. Add two dollops of low-fat mayo:IMG_0973
  • Next add your key ingredients on top of tuna and mayo:IMG_0975
  • Blend or mix all ingredients together until everything is mixed well:IMG_0976
  • Next, take your chard leaf/leaves and wash thoroughly. Pat dry with paper towel:IMG_0977
  • Cut off the stem in a triangular angle to get rid of bitter part of chard at top of the stem:IMG_0994
  • Once leaf is void of moisture, spread your tuna salad onto the swiss chard leaf:IMG_0978
  • Wrap leaf around tuna salad and enjoy:IMG_0980

For more recipe ideas with Swiss chard and to learn even more about this super food, visit this post for Rick’s Rockin’ Swiss Chard curry.


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