Welcome to my Kitchen Paul Plakas

I couldn’t attend my Yoga session with Tenille yesterday evening. Andy had to get to another job and I was car-less.  I was disappointed, but settled down in front of the tele with a green tea and carrot sticks with hummus. While channel hoping, I came across a show that I had not seen in a long while called X-weighted. X-weighted is a lifestyle documentary (reality show) that focuses on an individual trying to lose weight and transform their life. The shows consists of a self-esteem/stylist coach, Fred Connors, who helps to give the participant a mind and style make-over. For example, if the person is a lady and is wearing elastic waist pants and granny panties, Fred puts a stop to that nonsense!  There is also a personal trainer, Paul Plakas, who implements an exercise and healthy eating plan to help with weight loss. During this whole process, the participant must document their successes, struggles and any eating infidelities on a vlog diary that they must share with viewers. Sometimes these vlogs dig deep and can get pretty emotional as the individual discusses why they are over-eating. During the half way point of the show and the very end, the participant must have a weigh-in and measurements taken to mark any progress or lack there of. For the most part, it is a success story and there is a happy outcome of a new fabulous wardrobe, weight loss and renewed attitude of never going back to their couch potato habits. Other times, the individual is very stubborn and refuses to alter their eating plan, cheats a lot and throws in the towel in Paul’s tough boot camp style training. Paul Plakas is very compassionate to the person’s goal, but he doesn’t accept excuses or wimps. I believe we call this tough love.  I’ve seen a lady become so enraged when Paul asks her to jog instead of walk, that she storms away from the camera cursing and crying. Before observing the participant on a strength, cardio and flexibility test and designing an individual program, Paul Plakas raids the kitchen of the participant, leaving no cupboard or fridge crisper unturned. Often he will find processed foods, like frozen dinners, hotdogs, pogo sticks, and frozen pizzas in addition to chips, cookies  and ice-cream, just to name a few crappy food choices. The negative is, very little or no fruits, vegetables, whole grains or fresh meat is found. Often it was parents blaming their children on the poor food choices, giving excuses such as, “that is Billy’s after school snacks.” Paul would often respond by saying, “Don’t you love Billy? Why would you feed him that junk and set him up for a life of health or weight issues? I don’t see a fruit or vegetable in that fridge.” Good reply Paul.

I wondered right now if Paul Plakas were to raid my kitchen, what would he find? I will say right now that he would not find nary a pogo stick, but it would not be all good. Let’s take an honest look inside my kitchen.

First “the good:”

IMG_0837Celery, carrots, red peppers, bok choy. Vegetables for snacking on and used for cooking.

IMG_0836Avocado, bananas, almonds, spinach and whole wheat pasta.

My daily favorites. Blueberries, strawberries and watermelon. Often had for breakfast or for dessert.
My daily favorites. Blueberries, strawberries and watermelon. Often had for breakfast or for dessert.
 Milk, low-fat cheese, eggs and Greek Yogurt.
Milk, low-fat cheese, eggs and Greek Yogurt.
Chicken breasts, stir-fry beef. I had fish too, but cooked it earlier this week.

Now for the “not so good:”

Coffee, wine, white rice and pasta, white and raw sugar.
Coffee, wine, white rice and pasta, white and raw sugar. Those Lifestyle cookies, which are supposed to be a healthier alternative to cookies, but are high in sugar.
Your basic condiments. Which are high in sodium and trans fats.
Your basic condiments. Which are high in sodium and trans fats.

Over all, not too bad.  I also have a large bottle of Purolivia, a mixture of canola and olive oil which I use in cooking. Once that bottle is over, I will make the switch to coconut oil for cooking.  This is what my basic diet essentials are right now. (the wine isn’t an essential, just an indulgence. But look. Only one bottle!) Let me just say that Andy is more the white starch person. He does not like the taste of whole wheat pasta or brown rice, and does not use them in his cooking. If he makes a white rice pilaf, I do eat it, but in moderation.  Moderation is still my philosophy and I believe it is the best method for me to control my weight.  We do not at all use the white sugar and it is reserved for guests. So, I think Paul Plakas would be pleased. I should be reaching my goals. We shall soon see because my one year measurements will be taken later this month. Happy, healthy and peaceful August!

For more information about X-weighted and Paul Plakas click on the links below.

Resources used:

visit: http://www.slice.ca/Shows/showspage.aspx?Title_ID=97067



8 thoughts on “Welcome to my Kitchen Paul Plakas

  1. Everything in moderation is the name of the game 🙂 That’s what’s kept my weight off for these past few years. But it does sound like a great show! I want to try bok choy! How do you prepare it?

    1. I find that works best for me. When I cut out cold turkey, hello cravings. I usually use Bok-Choy in stir fry. I steam it until leaves are nice and green, cut off stems and add it chicken or beef stir fry. I try to steam instead of sauteeing it to keep in nutrients. Sometimes, I eat fresh by adding to salads.

  2. Coconut oil is great for cooking! I always think it is interesting when we do the kitchen raid…You find lots of things you didn’t even know you had…And you just hope they aren’t moldy haha. I found a really old box of mac and cheese that had obviously been forgot from some long ago cheat day. I guess at least it doesn’t go bad for a really long time…

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