Just Go With It

This weekend I was feeling a blah, frumpy, lumpy and dumpy. I suppose it was the weather. July is typically hot and sunny, but it has been unseasonably cool with a lot of rainfall. Saturday I woke up and looked out the window. The sky was grey and overcast….yet again. I wanted to call my friend Desiree to go for a power-walk or run, but I remembered that she has her in-laws visiting from Guyana for the next two weeks, so I’m certain she’s busy cooking, hosting and being the lovely daughter-in-law that she is. I debated going on the run myself, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt lazy and unmotivated (your point exactly Uberbeastmode. Can’t always rely on motivation in this game of fitness.) Then along came the downpour. The trees were blowing furiously in the wind and the drops tapped on my window. I could have went down to my condo gym, but alas, I did not. I remained on the sofa watching, “Just Go With It,” looking at Jennifer Anniston’s great figure while eating chocolate wafers all the while. Funny movie by the way. I highly recommend it if you’re an Adam Sandler fan. The movie title was fitting too. I was essentially just going with it instead of planning for success. I can always feel when I’m about to fall off the wagon and make bad food choices. I was bored, and boredom is one of my triggers. Another thing is, I didn’t shop and plan my meals and snacks like I always do. If I pre-plan, I have cut up vegetables ready in the fridge, or nuts, yogurt and fruits I can just grab. Planning is essential for my success. If I shopped, I would have bought salmon or fresh turkey breasts to cook, but again, I didn’t. When Andy came home from rehearsal, I went out and bought greasy pizza. To make matters worse, I went out in my Mr. Grinch pajama pants and my hair in a hideous bun on the top of my head and could not care less. At least I put on shoes instead of going out in my matching grinch slippers.

So there you have it. Made excuses not to be active, stayed in my PJ’s and ate crap. My weekend in a nut shell. I think it is important to write about not just the high’s of my journey, but the low’s too. Yes I do feel disappointed in myself and guilty, but tomorrow is another day.


15 thoughts on “Just Go With It

  1. Certainly it’s good to write about the ups and downs for sure. So you had a bad weekend fitness wise. Sucks, but you know how and why you did it and you are acknowledging your triggers and realizing what you have to do to avoid it again. Sometimes I feel like we need moments like this to remind us. This way we can work towards passionately moving forward again. We are only as good as how we bounce back from failures. The strong successful people bounce back and kick ass after things like this while the weak crumble and spiral out of control. (So reminds me of my be pissed off for improvement video.) Which do you choose to do?

    1. It’s so true. It’s important to bounce back right away. The downward spiraling is where folks go wrong, like myself. I choose not to take that path ever again and face the day victoriously. Also, it’s important not to rely too much on the company of other’s. I was so used to just calling my Zumba friend Desi, she’s very uplifting and always up for a workout. Some days, you’ve got to just do it on your own. Thanks Colin for the words of encouragement. I feel better already.

      1. Absolutely and I was heading down that path with my legs days with Derek. Just waiting for our return. He’s out a very long time now, and I need to suck it up. Besides I should just be thankful I’m healthy! Glad to hear you are bouncing back strong, I had no doubts in my mind! Good job!

  2. Dude- we all have those moments/days/weekends. It’s life and honestly, sometimes you just gotta cave to what you’re feeling in the moment. I’m also such a planner and if I don’t have stuff ready to go and laid out in advance, it’s so much easier to just throw caution to the wind. Like you said- tomorrow is always another day and I tend to find that with rest, relaxation, and indulgence comes the urge to get back into the game. You got this.

    1. Thanks very much for your encouraging words. Sometimes if I don’t plan, anxiety creeps in. I’m so worried about becoming my old self, a yo-yo dieter. Putting guilt aside and really just letting go is human, and is part of the process. The blogging community is also very encouraging and I didn’t have that before, so I’m truly grateful.

  3. I think weekends like that are just sometimes needed. I think it isn’t so much about not doing them as about enjoying them and then getting right back on track with no guilt or anger toward ourselves! AND I love that movie! So cute!

    1. Thank-you. I really did follow my mood. I felt blah, and needed to have a laugh and few wafers….maybe too many. Getting over guilt is my next big step. I did return to the gym, let the weekend go and had a great workout. It is a cute movie, I have never seen it before Saturday. Reading these comments are always so comforting.

  4. At least you can look back and know it wasn’t the best choices. You will be back on track in no time. I have my moments too – but the worst – have been picnics this summer. I shoot myself in the foot before I even get there. Take about lack of EVERY ounce of fitness logic. A few days of bad…..you will be having a full veggie fridge now…maybe even kale chips? 😉

    1. Lol. Yes, kale chips are on the menu this week for sure. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Aren’t picnics the worse? Where was the logic for me Saturday? Looking at Jennifer Anniston’s body should have made me put down the cookies! Oh well, live and learn. I had a great day at the gym.

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