Is Seeing Really Believing?

Dreams, visions and aspirations. We all have them. How do you make them a reality? I recently started a Twitter account. Many of the people I follow post positive quotes and affirmations, as well as advise on clean eating and exercise. One particular lady that I follow, Marita Steffe, who is an empowerment coach for women sent me the twitter message below:


After consideration, I decided, why not give it a try? It is inexpensive and very feasible. I say daily affirmations, so a board that makes them visual could only be of help. Based on the law of attraction, a vision board is a poster or bulletin where you post images and quotes, thus surrounding yourself with personal goals that you want to obtain. For example, if you aspire for prosperity, you might post dollar signs on your vision board, or a big, beautiful cottage by the lake. I aspire to be fit and healthy. I plan to post images of fit role models with strong physiques. To me, a strong physique is one with muscular development. I hope to also post positive and motivational quotes on my board. Your board should also be in a place that is visible, like on your fridge, where you will see it morning and night. Now, having said all this, if we simply post what we want visually and are lackadaisical in our ambitions, it is very unlikely that our goals will be reached. I could post a picture of Monica Brant on my board, but if I eat unhealthy foods too often, am a couch potato and never exercise, no matter how much I look at my image, I will never have my desired result. Being proactive in life is just as important. So, vision board here I come. Let’s see how it goes.

Vision board as seen on Pinterest.
Vision board as seen on Pinterest.

What are your thoughts on vision boards? Do you have one? Do you feel closer to your goals because of it? 


4 thoughts on “Is Seeing Really Believing?

  1. I don’t have a board. I just keep it all in my head. I have my goals – they’re pretty specific – and I make them, one by one. I suppose the day will come when I start sliding backwards, but Today Is Not That Day 🙂

  2. My board is more of a list of set goals. However, I have quote magnets everywhere. It helps to see those little reminders.

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