Wine and Workouts

Throughout this blog I have not made it a secret that I am a wine lover, but can wine and working out co-exist in a harmonious world? After watching this vlog and reading this post, I began to really self reflect about my own personal relationship with alcohol.  As a teen, I was not a drinker who went wild at parties, searching for that rush or high. The first time I got drunk, it was not until my 25th birthday (a late bloomer by today’s standards.) The room spinning as I was trying to put on my PJ’s and falling down with one leg in the pants, and spending the night with my head in the toilet was not something I wanted to repeat. I was never one to get wasted, toasted or whatever you like to call that state of inebriation. The instant gratification was not worth feeling like the walking dead the morning after. Where and how does my alcohol consumption fit in my whole fitness quest present day? I have not stopped drinking since chronicling my wellness journey last August of 2012 in this thing called the blogosphere. I have however, cut back….at times. . The how and where of my consumption is pretty much a pattern, or a bad habit. I literally crave a glass of bold red after a hectic work week. Bad habit. I crave a glass or two on Friday night while watching the Housewives franchise. Again, bad habit. There is nothing like a rich red by a roaring fire on a bitterly cold December night. There is nothing like a crisp, clean, fruity white, when it is 96 degrees and salmon or shrimp is on the grill. No matter the season, there is always a reason for vino. I do know, even before I came upon the above blog posts, my wine consumption had been bothering me lately…a lot. My sipping usually takes place over the weekend, with at least 2-3 glasses on a Friday or Saturday night. I never drink during the week. If there is an event on Friday and Saturday, I may drink wine over the span of two nights. I usually wake up with a dull headache, feeling lethargic and missing my workout the next day, or church if it is a Sunday morning. The guilt can be palpable, and I always promise myself that it will not happen again next weekend. So my friends, what will be my next move? I really want to stop this pattern of destruction. I should be seeing much more physical gains in my progress. All the sweat, sore arms, heavy lifting and treadmill drills are wasted if I’m drinking it down with Merlot on Friday night (mind you a damn good Merlot!) I have cut out white starches and processed foods, so cutting out wine should really be the next step. Having said that, I do not want to drastically stop cold turkey, because feeling deprived can have negative consequences personally. I was thinking, one glass as opposed to three is a good starting point to wean myself. The good news is at least I know it is keeping me back from where I want to be physically. I always tell myself thou shall just have mineral water at the next wedding/shower/party or celebration. That is usually not the case. I am not there yet, but I do know this, I am getting close.

Wine not? The reasons are many.
Wine not? The reasons are many. Oh how I do love to “cheers” on the weekend.

11 thoughts on “Wine and Workouts

  1. Good for you for recognizing what you need to do and creating a plan. Most would tell you a couple of drinks on the weekend is no big deal, but that’s really up to you, not anyone else. I believe each person needs to find their OWN balance. If you are anything like me, calling yourself out in your own blog is a great way to make progress!

    1. Hi Colin. That is it exactly. It’s bothering me and I know it’s a setback. A happy balance for me should not be every weekend. I’m trying to learn to manage stress in different ways.

  2. I think Colin said it well: it’s about balance.

    If you feel it is interfering with your goals and who you want to be, cut back. You don’t have to cut out. Maybe make it something that you only have when out with friends. It’s up to you to decide, but if you put your own body and wellbeing first, you won’t go too far wrong.

    1. Thanks for your advice. That was my initial goal, to cut back. I will have to find that happy balance because right now I could be further in my goals. Damn u Merlot!!

    1. Your vlog really made me take a few days to think. It was an eye opener, as well as Nicole Kendell’s post. Awareness is a good start I think. I’m planning to drive past the Wine Rack this weekend.

      1. I loved Nicole’s post as well! Keep us posted on how the driveby goes for you. I suspect you’ll handle it well. After all it’s just a bunch of sugar in disguise – adult Kool-Aid!

  3. It’s 80/20 and what each of us do with that 20 depends. If you enjoy wine I don’t think you should give it up, but cutting back to achieve your goals is always good. I always find that cutting back doesn’t trigger feelings of restriction. Cutting out on the other hand does….which eventually leads to binging.

    Colin is right…balance is key. You want to achieve your goals, but you also need to enjoy life, which sometimes means relaxing with a glass of wine in hand! 🙂

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