Summertime and the Livin’ is Healthy….Tosca Reno Style.

54 and fabulous. One of my inspirations, Tosca Reno.
54 and fabulous. One of my inspirations,  Tosca Reno.

I don’t really follow blogs or websites of fitness celebrities. I think I get all necessary information from the non-celebrity fitness blogs I love to follow. However, there is one lady with celebrity status that I do follow and that lady is non other than Tosca Reno. I just find her very relatable. She represents those of us who live a healthy lifestyle who aren’t 25 anymore. Heck, we aren’t even 35 anymore! She shows me that it is not impossible to be in the best shape of your life in your 40’s and beyond. It is not impossible to enter a bodybuilding competition at 49. Tosca embodies the mature woman who is strong, confident and beautiful. Plus, she’s Canadian.  Why not throw a little patriotism in the equation?

As we approach a new season, Tosca has shared a few tips on her blog about clean summer eating and embracing an active lifestyle that I have added below. Tips that I will certainly try to apply to my daily routine, and perhaps you may find helpful too. I often like to look at a new season as a new beginning. A time for revelations and epiphanies to happen, no matter what your situation may be, to lose weight, get a new job, end a bad relationship, or mend a broken one.  A start to eat healthy and add years to your life, and let’s face it, if you’re in the over 40 crowd like myself, this can only be a good thing. It is NEVER too late to look and feel great. Thanks, Tosca.

Here are my TOP tips for staying EAT-CLEAN friendly & summer-svelte!
If it isn’t fresh don’t eat it!
Make portion sizes smaller.  Smaller plates help.
Walk out on bread and starch.  When I eat bread my stomach goes “Poof!” and that means jiggly.  No breads and starches for the summer.
Walk everywhere and if you can’t, walk somewhere.
Wine only once a week – probably on the weekend – just one glass. (trex likes this tip!)
Do hundreds – yep hundreds – of reps.  I mean lunges, abs, squats, more abs and then skip in hundreds.  Start with 100 and move up in increments of 10.  Yep!  It WILL burn. See more in our AB CHALLENGE!
Drink lemon water all day long.
Drink iced green tea all day long.
Make sure you flax yourself up – makes for empty bowels.
Swim.  Get in the pool and move your fins.  Swimming is fantastic cardio.
Circuit train in your gym.  Move quickly from one piece of equipment or exercise to the other.  Keep that heart rate up.  Do it with friends who will kick your @$$.
Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  When you sleep enough you burn fat.
One – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day for fat burn acceleration.  Yes max!  Coconut oil is not stored as fat but is used immediately to make energy which speeds up your metabolic rate.  Cook with it!  Eat it!
Choose an endurance event that suits your fitness level and train for it, such as Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Sprint-Distance Triathlon, 5K Race, or the Colour Run! Make it fun!
Print out the image and stick it on your fridge!



8 thoughts on “Summertime and the Livin’ is Healthy….Tosca Reno Style.

  1. love love LOVE Tosca – great tips, and I need to work on the flax. Just heard some staggering numbers about how much waste the typical person is carrying around – yeeesh! By the way I’m totally ixnay on ALL the ineway these days and other libations going forward!

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