Happy Feet


After feeling as though I was developing slight pain on the balls of my feet, I knew it was time to get new trainers. My old trainers served me well, but the soles were getting worn out and now lacked proper support. When shopping for trainers, I need to look for two things, a sole with good arch support and shoes that are on the wider side. My feet are both flat and a tad on the wide side. So, I found these lovelies. The last pair in my size and on sale. Sweet!


The minute I put my feet in the new shoes, they felt good. I could really feel the difference with new supportive soles while on the treadmill. Not to mention, they look so pretty too. So old trainers, thanks for the run (pun is intended) but you’ve been replaced. I will still use you to help mummy in the garden and for grocery shopping, but your days of working out are over. We all have a time to retire. I appreciated your months of faithful service. You were with me when I started this blog, so we still have our memories.

You will still have a place in my heart....and for weekend errands.
You will still have a place in my heart….and for weekend errands.

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