Lifting My Spirits

I’m always frustrated and fascinated when I see someone self-sabotage their own success.  Some say it’s because people don’ t want to work hard and want results with little to no work.  That’s probably true.  I suspect many people are working under the impression that if it’s hard to do, it must be impossible to do.  Or not the right way to do it.


It’s called a work ethic.  It’s setting a goal and doing what you need to do to reach it, accepting that the time it takes and the work involved is what’s variable.  There are thousands of motivational quotes floating around about it.  But those quotes are just white noise if you haven’t already made the decision to let nothing stop you.  The quotes are great little reminders to keep your focus when you’re distracted by life, but a quote isn’t going to do much for you if…

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