Halle or Quasimodo?

I was watching HLN morning news with Robin Meade yesterday and she talked about an interesting study by Dove. Dove is on a serious campaign that aims to empower women and girls, by making them proud of their internal and external selves through ads and billboards. Now back to Dove’s most recent study of empowerment. According to this study, women tend to think they look a lot worse than how others see them. A sketch artist drew a sketch of a woman based on her own description of herself. The finished product was often unflattering and emphasized flaws. After, the same artist did a sketch of the same woman. This time the artist based the sketch through the eyes of a complete stranger. The latter sketch often came out with a lot less flaws and visually appealing. Although not scientific, I tend to agree with the study based on my own personal experiences. I recall a morning I rode the train into the city with an acquaintance, a woman I saw once in a while if we took the same train. I woke up this very morning feeling like a female Quasimodo. My under eyes looked puffy, with dark circles from a night of insomnia and I was bloated due to my monthly visit from auntie Flo. It was a grey, drizzly day (as I like to refer to as frizzy head weather), so the minute I walked out the front door, my freshly flat ironed hair looked like a fuzzy mane. I was forced to tie my mane back in a bun. To top off the Quasimodo feeling, I had a huge zit on my left cheek, red and irritated looking. I caught the train just before the doors closed shut, and my train companion motioned for me, saying she got us seats. As I sat down, and patted the frizzy strands from my face with a sigh, my friend said, “you look so nice today. Did you do something different with your hair?” Sure maybe she was just being nice, but I got the feeling she was being sincere. This has happened to me on a couple of occasions. That Quasi feeling emerges and then someone will pay me a nice compliment out of the blue.  I also remember a friend of mine from college. She would always say how “awful” she looked. That was the vocab she used, “awful.” She would complain about her body, her hair and on and on. Through my eyes, I saw a voluptuous Latina with an hour-glass frame and long, lush wavy hair. Why didn’t she see what I saw?  Some of us ladies can be so hard on ourselves. We really are our own worst critics.

To sum it all up, these feelings of hideousness are just that, feelings.

So if I’m feeling a little like this……


Maybe I’m looking more like this! Va-va vooom! (okay, not quite like this. Let’s not go overboard here with the empowerment.)

The always lovely Halle Berry. I wonder if she ever feels like Quasimodo?
The always stunning Halle Berry. I wonder if she ever feels like Quasimodo?

To read more about the study click here


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